One can love many, but can only be in love with one.

Have you ever just been in a good mood?? Well I’m in a pretty good mood at the moment. I’m listening to some good music, talking to some awesome people, and it’s late at night. So because I’m in such a good mood, and because I’m leaving tomorrow I’m going do a quote thingy.

Okay, lately I’ve been debating the difference between love and being in love. I love writing, I love dresses, I love making people smile, I love my friends. I love a lot of things. However, you don’t hear many people say that they’re in love with pizza, or that they’re in love with their mum. That’s because being in love is an incredible thing. It’s different for everyone, but it’s also the same. I believe that everyone has a match out there, a soulmate, a significant other. Some people would say that this idea is crazy or stupid, but to a daydreaming 14 year old girl, this idea is like a beacon of light in a world populated by shadows. Sometimes, right before I go to bed, I try to imagine my wedding, I try to imagine laying down every night beside the man I am completely in love with, I try to imagine growing old with someone who is as in love with me as I am with them. Yes, I’m a total daydreamer. Call me crazy (a lot of people do) but I’d like to believe that there is a person that I belong with. I’d like to believe that there is someone for everyone to belong with. A lot of people love to rain on my parade and say that there is no love, that there’s always something else that people are really attracted to. Looks, money, talent, sex. These are things that should be icing on the cake. They shouldn’t be the only reason someone is with a person. I guess I’m just old fashioned to think that true love exists. But I don’t care what people say. I say that love is real, and that being in love with a person is more important than the superficial things that cloud the minds of twenty-first century couples. 

Anyway, I should wrap this up before I break out into a spontaneous love song XD

-adviceateleven <3333333333

One can love ma…

By Adviceateleven

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
-T. S. Elliot (1888-1965)

Okay so lately I’ve been having some rough times. I admit, I’ve broken down quite a few times the past month or so. I feel worn out, I feel done. I say I’m done caring, but I’ve said that before, I just can’t help caring about people who don’t care about me :/ Anyway I’ve had some family things happen recently….. I’ll be the first to tell you that my family is far from perfect. I guess you could say I come from a broken family but……. it seems like I’m the only broken one. I’ve also had the Autum thing, and some other friend issues. Not to mention I have a condition called trichotillomania, it’s pronounced trickotillomania. Some of you may know what that means, but most won’t. It’s a disease caused from stress where you literally pull out your hair. 

Yes, I pull out my hair. It’s not that bad though it’s only a slight thing for me. I don’t do it often, but usually I don’t even know when i’m pulling out my hair. I’m good at hiding bald spots though. I have three small ones. 

This post may be one of my most depressing, but the quote has a point. I have been to the point of giving up. I have been to the point where you’re ready to end everything, but I’ve been put on a new coarse now. I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’m going to keep going, even though it feels like I can’t go any further I am going to keep moving until i have found out how far one can go. 

Sighhhhhh I didn’t really have any advice to give at the beginning of this post, but I have decided what I will say now. Self harm. Yes pulling out my hair is considered self harm even though it’s a disease and I don’t really have control over it. Anyway back to the point, I know what it’s like to want the numbness, to crave a minute of relief, something just to forget everything. However I’m not say go hurt yourself it helps. Because I will not lie, sometimes it helps, but then it doesn’t. You feel guilty, you worry about marks (scars, bald spots, burns), you think about what everyone would think if they ever found out. It hurts more after. Can I tell you a secret?? I love you. Each and everyone of you reading this. I love you and you are strong and beautiful and courageous. I am challenging you to find out how far you can go. See how long you can be yourself and not care what other people say or think. Not care if you feel like a toy being pulled back and forth between parents. Not care if you fail a million times because if you stop trying you never know if your 1,000,000,001 try would’ve been the time you succeed. You are important, you matter to me even if you matter to no one else. Comment or message me or whatever I’m here for you guys. And I always will be. 

Okay now I want to give you guys something. *hugs* (Hugs help more than most people know) So another piece of advice, when someone is crying or not okay, sometimes you shouldn’t talk you should just hug them. On that note,

-adviceateleven *Hugs*

“Only those who…

By Adviceateleven