My life is officially over. Time to say goodbye to freedom, time to say hello to eight hours of torture a day. I guess I have it better than most kids, my school starts later than most schools. Like in Georgia they start school in August, but I’m pretty sure they get out earlier than we do. I would hate to live in China they don’t have summer vacation. Just in case you happen to be an idiot and haven’t go it yet, I go back to school tomorrow and I don’t want to. At least it means that I get to see Luke every day. Well, I hope, I’m still not sure if we have any classes together. I will die if we don’t. We might have gym together….. that would be um interesting. I would totally beat him in dodge ball every time. We also might have History together, that’d be cool. We don’t have lunch together though and that sucks, badly. I have two friends in my lunch at least. I really don’t want to go to school, but then again I guess I sort of want to go back.

I hate my schedule, but I will see some of my friends at least. Wow, this post is making me so depressed…. I guess I’ll talk about the other good things about going back to school.

I got my hair straightened, cut (I got layers,) and dyed (the bottom in the back only is dyed auburn, so to see it you have to look twice,) I got new clothes, I got my nails all done, my eyebrows waxed, and I got a new attitude. I want to be happy, therefore I am going to be. I am not going to let anything small get me down. My whole life I’ve told myself that I don’t deserve to be happy, that I wasn’t good enough to be happy. Well forget that. I’m not going to be content, I am going to b happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. Well, I need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow…. I love you guys,

-adviceateleven 🙂

By Adviceateleven