Smart Alec

I’m continuing with the whole “branch out” thing and today I’m sharing a side of me that not many people know about, my Smart Alec side. I use a lot of sarcasm, unfortunately not many people get my sarcasm. My humor is always misunderstood. People just stare at me when I make a joke and then I awkwardly say, “it’s a joke…….”  The only one who really got my humor was my social studies teacher last year. He laughed at all my jokes, and I was the only one in class laughing my head off at all of his. He loved to joke about how he didn’t care about us kids, he would act mean and stern, and kids would get scared of him. As some kids were cowering like mice in the clutches of a cat, I was laughing hysterically.

I was his favorite student. He always gave us time to study right before a test and the first time he did this, I whipped out the flashcards I had prepared the night before. My flashcards did anything but blend in. My neon orange flash cards stood out like a sore thumb against the mass sea of white worksheet papers. The teacher walked around the class until he made it to my back row seat and stopped cold. “What do you have there??” He asked sternly. “Flashcards……” I replied, I had begun to think I was in trouble. Then he cleared his throat to get the attention of all the kids. All eyes were on me. I hated having the attention on me. I thought the worst, was I going to get in trouble?? For freaking flashcards?! Then the teacher spoke, “The only smart kid in this school, she made flashcards, Ivory here is using her brain and she’s going to get out of high school prepared for collage,” then he spoke just to me, “Good job.” Relief flooded through me. From there I couldn’t help the giggles that shook through me. Ever since that day, me and my flashcards were his favorite students. 

I’m no teachers pet, but from then on I used my best jokes on that teacher. He would try not to laugh, but I always knew he thought I was funny. Every class I looked forward to, it was my comic relief for the day. I would laugh and learn. I’m not a class clown either, but a Smart Alec?? Yeahhh I can be one of those haha. Alright, I’m out,