If your school loves you as much as mine loves me, you just got your schedule, and you just found out that you have no classes with any friends. All of my friends have fifth period lunch so it only makes sense that I have seventh period lunch. I might have gym and social studies with Luke, maybe. And I might have geometry with Brandon, but other than that, so far I’m all freaking alone. Lucky me. Well before I complain more I’ll talk about something else. (I’ll give advice about this situation when I’m less upset, I promise.)
So, i’m not entirely sure what I want to write about…… I just came on to vent, however maybe I’ll try writing a poem for you guys. I’m in a poem mood

I close my two eyes

To see all the unseen things

To forget the world

For some weird reason I wrote a haiku. It needs a title, any suggestions?? No idea is a bad idea, but not every idea is the right idea. So I’m open to all title suggestions.
I think I’ll turn it into a competition, if I chose your title name, then I will follow your blog and put a link to your blog in my next post. If I chose none of your titles well then that sucks. If your title wins and you don’t have a blog I’ll just tell everyone how awesome you are. Okay now that the rules are set, good luck!!