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heyy this is where ill be reviewing stuff like books, movies, and other things.

my friend told me to write about a movie so i will. the last movie i saw was chitty chitty bang bang a classic movie about an inventor, his two kids, and truly scurmpchas (sorry im a terrible speller) turly is the daughter of a candy maker and she and the inventor fall in love its a great story and a verry cute one too. i highly recomend it

I have two movies that I’ve seen lately and they were both great. First Snow White and The Huntsman, this movie is a twist on the classic Snow White, but for teens. The plot was very well thought through and was very interesting. If you don’t like to think you may have troubles filling in some of the blanks in the story, but otherwise you’re fine. My favorite part of the movie had to be the music. The music fit the movie incredibly and was brillantly composed. In my opinion the best song on the soundtrack was Breath Of Life preformed by Florence and The Machine.

The second movie was Brave the Disney Pixar flim. I know it isn’t even out yet I got into the advanced screening thanks to my awesome English Teacher. The movie had a suprisingly interesting story line. Merida wants to live her own life and make her own desicions. She visits a mean, old, very old, wood carving witch who’s up to no good. The rest I won’t give away, only that whether you’re big or little you’ll love this movie.

Okay, I’m a fan of the oldies, so I recomend you see Singing in the Rain. This is a really great movie. Yes, it’s old, but classic. I don’t want to reveal anything about this movie so all I’ll tell you is, it’s a musical. Awe mann musicals stink. WRONG. Some musicals are pretty bad, but this one isn’t!! So grab grandma and grandpa, and sit down for a classic movie night.

So, I realized that I didn’t keep up with whole review page thing. I may keep this page or I may delete it. I’m not sure as to what I will do yet.

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