I’M BACK!! No offense but I wish that I wasn’t. However, while I was away I didn’t forget about you guys. On the plane ride home I pre-wrote a post, that’s the first time that I’ve ever pre-written XD. Okay here we go.

By now I know that no one says anything when they see them. I just pull down my sleeve, smile, and move on. Things got bad. I needed to run away more than ever. So I did. I went to Ecuador. Of course this was a planned trip, but it came at the right time. Short sleeved shirts and no bracelets, however, meant no hiding, not even a million miles away. I honestly didn’t care. It wasn’t like they were that fresh. Looking back now, I can’t even remember how many people stared at my bare wrists and then walked on. A lot. Other kids on the trip mostly, but some locals too. Walking the streets of Quito, I saw that I wasn’t the only one with scars. Children with no love in their eyes selling nicotine, women with short skirts selling scarves with one hand and holding a gurgling baby in the other. The worst was a woman sitting on the putrid ground selling scratch off tickets. Don’t ask me how she managed to sell them with no arms. Everyone is your friend. Everyone welcomes you into their clubs with open arms. Free drinks for girls. On Sundays all those people cram into pure gold churches as tall as the sky. Jesus is everywhere. Bleeding on her necklace, crucified into that wall, raised up onto his boney, scraped up shoulders. Everyone carries him. No one even seems to mind their scars, it’s just how it’s always been and always will be. People broadcast their imperfections. The worse you look, the more currency sympathy you’ll get from pale faced tourists. I didn’t stay long in Ecuador, I went to the Galapagos Islands too. It’s illegal for natives to cry there. A friendly face brings home the bread. Don’t misinterpret me, I loved Ecuador and the islands. I climbed to the top of the Basika. I swam next to sea turtles and played with sea lions. I hiked to the top of an active volcano. I’ve almost stepped on real sea urchins and chocolate chip starfish. I saw land turtles having sex, twice, on two completely different islands. One time was definitely turtle rape, at least she got away. I’ve stood on the equator. I saw people eat roosted guinea pig, and I’ve walked on volcanic ash. I’ve hung out with land and marine iguanas. Oh yeah and lava lizards are pretty chill. I went clubbing in a discotecha and turned down guys when they asked me to dance (you’re welcome Luke). Haha, I told one that I have a boyfriend (tengo un novio!!) and he still asked me twice!! One asked me four times!!!! Not to mention I saved four girls from that guy when I saw him trying to put his hands on their asses, (no one tries to do that to my friends!!). I’ve even seen the wall of tears, the Charles Darwin monument, the Charles Darwin Research center (different things on different islands haha), and I’ve made a few new scars. Good ones. Not the kind that are done to the song Breathe Me by Sia at night in my room all alone. The kind that I’m proud to show off. This one I got while trekking up a volcano on Isabela Island. This one is from being kicked by a flipper with snorkeling with sea lions. This one is from being bitten by an Ecuadorian bug!! And this one, I don’t really remember, but I got it in the Southern Hemisphere. Oh yeah, and the reason that you stared at my wrists faded in the Southern Hemisphere too. Gone. I’ve gained some battle wounds and lost my friendly fire ones. I’ve had a once in a lifetime trip that I do not regret the slightest. Not even as I sweated off ten pounds (no joke) and went 10 days without my phone or computer. I needed to run away, and I did, but I’m back now. And after shopping in Otovalo and having an Easter egg hunt in Fucking Ecuador, I’m ready to go home. Happy Late Easter
-adviceateleven ❤

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