Stuff You Probably Don’t Want To Talk About

Okayyyy, well this post was bound to happen. Ehhh I kinda don’t want to write this but I have to. I know it’s tempting, I know everyone does it, but drugs are a no no. I’m not going to lecture you guys, but seriously drugs are a big issue. 

Let’s start with weed, pot, mary jane, whatever the heck you want to call it. Everyone says that weed won’t hurt you, you don’t hallucinate, it’s not addictive. Actually, not much is known about it yet. Many studies are showing sings that it can cause cancer. (Then again what doesn’t cause cancer??) Still don’t thing weed is worth avoiding?? Well, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I knew this girl who smoked. Not just ciggerates, she smoked weed. Her sister does it, her friends do it, she knew people who sold it soooo why shouldn’t she do it?? She smoked before school, after school, before bed. She didn’t get very affected by it, no buzz just a calming sensation, or so she said. This girl, isn’t me. (Just saying) Anywayys, this girl happens to be my cousin Ava. For a while Ava lived with us, because her mom kicked her out. (Her mom smelt weed in the garage, freaked out, and Ava ended up at our house.) Well, Ava tried to get me to smoke, of course I said no, but Ava has helped me so much and I’ve lied for her before. So when she showed me a bag of weed, told me to smell it, then see if I smelled that smell anywhere else in the house, I did it. One night my mom went to a party, the kind where she wouldn’t be home for a while, and when she did get home, she’d be a little tipsy. Anyway, Ava asked if she could invite a friend to spend the night. Her name is Jessica, and she also smokes. Well of course they wasted no time getting high, and they got very high. Jessica came to our house already a little high and she left Ava’s bedroom door open…. while they were smoking. Well the smoke traveled to my room and I got high. It wasn’t fun. I was so scared and paranoid. I laughed just to follow my cousins lead, but I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t and it’s not something I like to remember. So just saying, being high isn’t as fun as you’d think.

Other drugs are dangerous too. Heroine, meth, cocaine, none of it is “safe.” Also, alcohol can be dangerous if you consume too much. Anyways, I’m not judging. I have friends who do drugs (I try to convince them to stop, but I don’t judge) So I’m not going to judge anyone, I’m just saying that it’s not good for you. But it’s your life.


By Adviceateleven

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