Heyy guys, it’s me again. I am a little discouraged I’ll admit. No one really reads my blog :/ . It saddens me so, but I’ll just deal, I never really expected for this to be a popular thing. Anyways on to the update. There is no chance for me and Trevor to ever be friends “If two people can stay friends after a relationship they either never loved each other, or they never stopped” And I guess it was the first because he is down right hostile around me. It sucks yeah but I’ll deal. I still have my friends, especially Lucas. He really is the best friend I’ve ever had. I guess I’m still looking for what every girl needs, a best friend, a guy friend, and a boyfriend (if a guy is all three he is one lucky guy) I know I’ve said that quote before but it’s one of my favorite quotes about love so. Eh I’ll probably just end up with a cat and a library card as my life when I’m older. I think I need to get off the heavy topics for a little bit. I want to talk about the future again. Peace corps of course is my goal, but I when I get back from where ever I end up stationed, I really want a black cat named Mister. It’s like a dream of mine haha. I want to become a teacher too, either an ESL (English Second Language) teacher or an English teacher, I haven’t decided yet. I want a nice house, not too big, but I do want a big lawn and a garden.

I want a husband who will kiss me when he comes home from work, and who will give me a single rose over a giant bouquet, and who will hold me when we sleep, and who will wake up every morning happy to be beside me. He’d get jealous, and it would be adorable, he would hold my hand in public because he wants everyone to know that he’s proud of our love. My perfect guy wants kids, not many, maybe 2, and he’s old fashioned; a man that still believes in holding open a door for a lady and being polite. He loves the stars and the moon, maybe he’s not great with words but he doesn’t need flowery words to show he loves me, he wants to prove it subtly. He’d stay up all night with me and wouldn’t be angry if I fell asleep, he’d think it was cute that I fell asleep because I didn’t want to stop talking to him. He’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t want or expect him to be. He’s not perfect, but he is real. I know he is.

Maybe I haven’t met him yet….. or maybe I have. I don’t deserve a guy like that, but he must never sleep (supposedly when you can’t sleep it’s because someone is thinking about you) because I think about him, a lot, like all the time.

I’m a hopeless romantic and very cliche I know haha. That’s just who I am though, and I will most likely always be that. I just wonder if anyone stays up at night thinking that they want a short girl  who cares about people even when they treat her like trash, who can’t stand to see sad animals, who stares at the stars and obsesses over new books and music, A girl who is insecure, who is shy, who is broken, who is scared and scarred, who is completely imperfect, who doesn’t go with the status quo, who needs a hug now and then, who is always tired, who has a hard time seeing herself the way other people see her, who squeaks, who dreams, who loves, who has flaws, who has been through a lot and will have more hard times, who will love them unconditionally, who will be loyal and respect them, who believes that couples should be together to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as they both shall live.

I wonder if there’s a guy out there, dreaming about a girl like me….


Well that’s enough for now,

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven

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