Relationship Problems </3

Cliche?? Very. However, it is time I advise about relationship issues. Why you may say, well yes Trevor and I are having relationship issues 😦 . Well turns out Luke does like me as more than a friend, and Trevor found out because Luke trusted the wrong person. Anyways, Trevor now hates when Luke and I hang out. He gets mad, he gets depressed, and he’s just downright unpleasant to be around. The rumors have gotten worse. But the worst part is, I like Luke as more than a friend too. It’s terrible and I’m a terrible person because of it. I saw a quote once “If you fall in love with two people, go for the second because if you truly loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” Only, I’m afraid to give up the good for the great. What if the “great” isn’t what I thought it would be?? Anyways enough about me, this site is for you guys. If you like two guys (or girls), follow your heart. If that doesn’t work, don’t go after either just be single for awhile. The one you can’t live without the most is the one you should pursue. 
Sigh, I know that I probably won’t take my own advice, but don’t be stupid like me. Take my advice. If things don’t work out then they are too stupid to see your awesomeness or they aren’t the right person. You have your whole life to find love. You don’t need to find “the one” as a teenager. Not having a girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t make you a loser, it just means you haven’t found love yet and that’s okay lots of people haven’t. You will one day, I promise. Just make sure that when you do find them be patient, maybe they haven’t realized that you’re “the one” yet. Give them time. It will work out in the end.
Anyways enough mushy gushy stuff, I’m not exactly in an “inspired mood” so I’m gonna end this before I goof up what I’m trying to h-say haha,

-adviceateleven ❤

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