Yes even the quiet, mouse like writer has to deal with drama, especially if she wants to shine one day. Remember Autum?? Well she’s not the person I thought she was, she has been spreading endless rumors about Trevor, Luke, and me. Just because Luke is my friend and we hang out apparently I’m cheating on Trevor. Luke knows it’s not true, I know it’s not true, even Trevor knows the truth, but Autum continues to spread the rumors. It has gotten pretty bad, a lot of people shun me now, people I thought were my friends. I guess it’s easier to trust the person everyone feels bad for. I’ll admit Autum has it pretty bad herself, her life isn’t rainbows and sunshine, however she doesn’t understand that mine isn’t either. I have some rough things going on when I’m in school and even when I’m out of school. Truth is, everyone does.

Okay I know we all know an “Autum” someone who you thought you could trust, but they really jut wanted your pity. What do you do about your Autum?? Ignore them, if for you that doesn’t work like it didn’t for me, you may need to confront them. If this is the case make sure you tell a friend so you aren’t alone, this friend does not need to be involved, they just need to support you. Okay so if what happens to me happens to you, and the “Autum” gets out a mouthful but doesn’t let you say a word, just be done with it. I don’t mean ignore them, I mean delete them from your life kinda. Don’t say hi in the halls, don’t be rude but just keep walking. Don’t sit with them at lunch, don’t listen to the rumors, block them on Facebook and other social media sites. Basically start anew. If that doesn’t work well…. I think I will find out soon enough. I have delt with Autum since sixth grade, and I was never able to get her to stop being a “must have center of attention” girl, and I couldn’t get rid of her either. She always came back somehow and me being meek and shy and un-confident I let her walk all over me. This time I have people on my side, real friends who really care. So although I think I will have one more round with Autum, I believe soon I will be free to be me, and because of this one day, maybe not soon, but one day I will be a better, stronger person. That’s what counts.

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven

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