Beautiful, Cloudy, and Interesting. Those are the three words i would use to describe Seattle. Beautiful because no matter where you went there was a view to die for. On top the space needle you can see the whole city. I also went to a place called Alki Beach and the view there was gorgeous. While at Alki Beach I saw a baby seal, and he was being protected by people so i couldn’t get too close however I did get to name him!! Spencer the seal after Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds the best show ever. 

Okay next cloudy. Seattle is famous for a few things. Twilight is set in Forks a place right by Seattle, Fifty Shades Of Gray is also set in Seattle, it’s famous for salmon, and lastly RAIN!! Only it doesn’t rain that much in Seattle, it’s just always misty and sprinkling rain. But yes, it is perpetually cloudy there.

Finally interesting. In Seattle there are two most interesting you have to see this kind of things. First is the EMP which I forgot what EMP means but basically it is a music/video game/sci-fi museum and it is amazing!! It’s primarily music especially rock and roll. They had a room with all these insterments and computers to teach you how to play, they even had rooms where you could record a demo!! If you want they onstage experience they’ve got that too. Next video games, imagine a room that has every single video gaming system right down to the very first. Not possible you say?? Very possible at the EMP. Lastly sci-fi, unfortunetly I hadn’t enough time to check out that section, but go check it out for yourself.

The second most interesting thing in my opinion in Seattle is the Pike Place Market Center. No this market isn’t the one you avoid when your mum says you’re going grocery shopping, this market has all sorts of stuff. The bakery treats are to die for, they have fresh fish and vegtables and fruit every day, incredible photographs of the city, and some great finds. I found hair things, paper lanterns, metal sculptures, tiles, crafts, and even cardboard cut outs of One Direction…….. So basically there’s something for everyone haha. 

Okay now I decided to share one story and that story is my returning home story. So when I got off the plane at midnight guess who was waiting for me?? Sleepily holding flowers was my loving boyfriend. I had missed him the entire trip and i guess he missed me too. It was so sweet, I felt like I was in a movie when he came up and hugged me then gave me flowers. He is always making me smile in little (or in this case big) ways. I’m so lucky to have him ❤

-adviceateleven 😀

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