This is for my friend Autumn.

This is going to be an advice post, I know ADVICEateleven, giving advice?? Unheard of!! Haha okay, the title is Bloggers so this will be about all of you who want to start a blog. My advice is……(drumrole)………… start a blog.

Yes it’s that easy, you want to be heard?? You want to vent?? Start a blog, like now. Still not sure if you want a blog?? Let me tell you Autumn’s story. She likes my blog, she’s funny, she has good ideas. I told her to start a blog. “No, I can’t, I don’t even know how.” That’s what she said. Give Autumn the courage to start a blog by starting your own!!

Need some tips on how to start a blog?? Here they are.

1.)     It’s the website use, you don’t have to pay anything(it’s free) but if you do you get more stuff for you blog. Exampe, it can be featured on their website. (I don’t pay for my blog thoguh)

2.) It can be about anything. Love to write?? Well your blog can be allyour poems and stories and stuff. Love to draw?? It can be all you pictures. Samee with photography. You can give advice, it can be your diary, the sky’s the limit.

3.) You don’t have to use proper grammer. I don’t all the time.

4.) Don’t swear or diss people, if you do you’ll get rated mature and no one will ever see your blog.

5.) You can be anonymous like me, (and all my friends I give them kool names, they’re all real people, but I use diffrent names to protect their privacy and my identity.) You can also not be anonymous it’s up to you.

6.) Get the word out (if you want) If you want your blog to be super popular tell everyone!! If you just want to vent to random people, don’t tell anyone

7.) Good luck and have fun!! 🙂


By Adviceateleven

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