Life is a Race

Did you know that evey second from the moment you were born you’re dieing. So we all know how to die, it’s so easy, life, however isn’t. That’s why, that’s why you have to fight. Humans have been dieing since the beggining, well fight the odds. Life is a race. You’re running and running, but who is your opponet?? Is it that mean girl?? How about the boy who pushes you around?? Maybe it’s that math test?? No, you’re running, but what you’re trying to beat is death. Think about it, if we are already dieing, we should be dead. Still, we’re running, we aren’t 6 feet under yet. Some people decide to run off coarse in this race, some stop before the race is over, some don’t get to decide that they’re done. Very few actually die on the race track. However no one, I mean no one, ever finishes. No one wins. So why do we run?? Simple, some one way back when said “they can’t do that.” That’s why we run. We run just because we were told from the start that we couldn’t do that, and there’s no better revenge then doing something someone say’s you can’t do. So good luck running.


By Adviceateleven

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