Okay so I feel the need to explain a little bit about me. I’ve been on this blog for a few years and you guys really don’t know anything about me!! I’m thirteen, like I’m seriously 13 (a lot of your guys comments sound like you think I’m 40!!) I’m pretty short, I have eyes that change color (I know I like to brag a bit about it) mostly my eyes a green though, my hair is really wavy and dirty blonde, and I have really pale skin. Now you know what I look like, a few things about myself I love writting (DUH!!) I’m an amazing at reading (I speed read) I love being on stage it’s like my home. Whether I’m singing, dancing, or acting just being on stage makes me feel great. Some people have stage fright, but deffinetly not me. One thing I don’t really like people to know, but I’ll tell you anyway is I have O.C.D. Yeah I know unbelieveable right?? Now my O.C.D. is all about numbers I like even numbers which explains to you why I always do two !! or two ?? haha so now you know why I do that. Also with my O.C.D. I count pretty much everything, in sets of four though. So like if I’m walking I count four steps, then another, then another. So now you know a lot about me. Well I’m going to go now so bye!!


By Adviceateleven

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