Today I offcially graduate 8th grade and I cannot wait. I have the perfect dress, (pink with lace!!) I’m leaving my hair down, (I have whats called “mermaid hair” because my hair is soooooo wavy) and two of my friends and I are leading the entire school in the plege of alligence, because us three did the morning anouncements everyday. Also, I’m seeing some of my friends for the last time untill September. My bestie Mary is from China and she’s going back for the summer to see her family. My bestie Macy is from Moracco and she’s going back for a bit too.

My plans for the summer include, sitting in a classroom with a bunch of kids I don’t know. I know how that sounds but I’m not in summerschool I’m in a play. I mean a REALLY big REALLY important play.  Out of a lot of kids the director picked about thirty and I’m one of them. The play is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and I play a brother. That means I play a guy, but also I get my own solo yay!! This play is important, because it’s put on by a really big community theator company and thousands of people in my community come to see it. To me writting and being on stage are the best feelings ever. (other than being with my family of coarse) So although it seems crazy I put up with all the tourture of practices, becausee being on stage in front of so many people doing what I love is like returning home after being gone for a long time.

Another big part of my graduation is I think I’m going to be reciving an award for drum roll please……………………….. WRITTING!!!!!!!!!!! All the hard work pays off to know that I might be getting recognized for being good at my passion. I won’t be able to post if I win or not, because my father will be taking me right after graduation so we can head to our camp early. As soon as I get home I’ll be posting don’t worry.

Before I go (This has to be my longest post ever) while I’m gone you might get bored so I’m going to save youu from boredism. What I do when I’m, bored is well I write on here, but also while I’m writting I listen to the music that inspires me. Check out these bands/singers on youtube. Paramore, Evanescence, Blood on the Dance Floor, (not for little kids to listen to xD) All Time Low, Metro Station, and Sia. I’ll be back soon!!!!

– adviceateleven

By Adviceateleven

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