I’m supposed to be doing homework. That’s why I’m blogging 🙂 Haha, I just wanted to update you guys on the writing competition. I MADE IT IN GUYS, I WAS ACCEPTED. So as you can see I’m super happy!!!! Alright, I really need to get to doing my homework, but I will write a real post soon(ish). I love you guys!!


By Adviceateleven

First Step Forward

Ever since I sent that poem in to be judged, I’ve found it hard to write. I figured, what’s the point of writing poetry when I don’t even know if I’m good?? It was ridiculous to think that, but I’m only human. After admitting this to a good friend of mine and having a long chat about writing and insecurities, I’ve written two new poems. This sounds like great news right?? Wrong. Both my new poems are different. It’s still my writing style, however they are raw, and they have the signature of the dark corner of my mind written all over them. Typically, I weave the true meaning of my poems through red herrings. I switch back and forth between flowery, deceptive words and the bare truth. This allows my audience to interpret my poems the way they see fit. However, one of my new poems is overly blunt, and the other is far too difficult to understand. I guess my midlife crisis is starting early haha.

Anyway, I had to tell that anecdote in order to lead into the real purpose of this post. My first step forward since sending my poem in was not starting to write again. It was starting to finalize. For my birthday (my birthday was six months ago), a fellow poet friend of mine got me a really nice journal. This journal, she told me, was for my finished works. Immediately I responded by saying that no poem is ever finished. Of course being a writer herself she already knew that. However, she wanted me to write the poems that were as finished as they could be in this book. That was six months ago and finally, two minutes ago (seriously), I wrote my name in that book. At last I claimed that journal with a few unsteady ink strokes across a sturdy page. I still don’t have any poems written in there, but hey it’s a first step right??



A while back I did a few posts about branching out to new types of people. One was about gaming, one was about creativity, and one was about being a smart Alec. That was in 2013, and since then I’ve changed a lot. So I decided to talk to you guys about myself. Ugh, let me begin by telling you that I absolutely hate talking about myself. I’m awful at it, but I will try for you guys. Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a girl (in case there was any confusion there). I’m not going to disclose my appearance to you all, but I will tell you that my favorite physical feature is my green eyes. Okay, next thing is that I’m sixteen years old (that means this blog is 5 years old!!). I love to read a write (duh), but I also love to sing, snowmobile, and hike. Next need to know thing is that I’m a nerd. No, I don’t mean that I put on fake glasses, where a schoolgirl outfit, and pretend to pay videogames. I mean that I’m literally a nerd as in I excel in school, and I love learning. I’m rarely found without a book, I use words that I end up having to explain to my friends, and if someone wants to know what we should leave as a tip I will actually calculate it with proper significant figures. Also, I play Magic the Gathering (monoblack deck :p )……. Yep definitely a nerd tried and true. When I’m not nerding out (or sometimes simultaneously) I listen to music. I’m absolutely enchanted by music. I honestly can’t explain how or why, but it’s true haha. Moving on to some deeper things, my parents are divorced. I live with my mom and go to my dad’s every other weekend. It’s not easy being a Child of Divorce, but it’s my life. Alrighty, to delve deeper, I’m an INFJ (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging), and I will leave a link at the bottom of this post to lead you to a website that perfectly explains that. To go a tad more superficial, I volunteer a lot for several places. And I do believe that I have run out of things to say about myself. Anyway, I did this just because I gained more followers recently and I doubt that they would like to go through every single post ever attempting to find out more about the author of adviceateleven. If any of you want to know more about me just leave your question in the form of a comment on this post, and if you have a suggestion for my next post please leave a comment. That’s all for now folks.



Putting Myself Out There

So I’m doing just as the title states. I’m going to put myself out there. I’m going to do this by applying to the Young Writer’s Conference. I’m not going to say where that is, but it’s at a college. What is it?? It’s a three day conference for young writers, hence the name haha. Basically there will be a ton of very accomplished writers there who are just dying to share their wealth of knowledge and advice with youngsters like myself. There will also be things like open mics, poetry slams, short story readings, and so on. I would stay in a dorm and attend seminars and workshops on poetry. However, and this is the whole putting myself out there part, I’m only applying to go. I had to send in an original poem of mine for them to judge and decide whether or not I can attend this event. This is a huge step for me. The last time that anyone was judging my poetry was two years ago at my last poetry slam. since then I’ve written a ton more poems, and I’ve changed my style quite a bit. I’m so nervous for this, and I’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not I should even apply, nevertheless, today my application was sent out. The last day that they except applications is February 17 (hence my milestone entitled Deadline), so I won’t know for quite a while if I got in or not. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

When no one is there for me, poetry is. My notebook readily soaks up my tears, and it never minds if I never end up writing anything. I’ve sat there, pen in hand and static on the paper, hunched over my journal just letting the tears cascade over the contours of my face and onto the pale pages. I’ve heard the small noise of my own raindrops hitting the paper and blurring the azure lines that embrace me. In this fragile state my mind fills with white noise, but my diary never minds that no words stain the pages after I’m done. And when the hum clears, and the poetry pushes its way out of me, my notebook doesn’t complain when I press to hard, or my penmanship gets too sloppy. Poetry has always comforted me. It’s ironic how I can’t find the words to accurately describe how writing heals me.

So I hope that shows you just how important this whole thing is to me. This could change something, this could change me. I have an opportunity and for once, I refuse to let this one slip through my fingers. This time I’m going to do everything in my power to capture this opportunity. The only thing is that I’ve already done that. I’ve already given my 110% When I was editing my poem, when I was practicing my poem, when I still had that application in my hands there was something that I could do. That was me taking every chance I could and pouring myself into my work, but now there’s nothing I can do. I’ve done all that I can do and now it’s up to fate whether or not I’m accepted. That’s why I’m nervous. When it was still my turn to do all that I could I was fine because it was still up to me. Now, however, I’ve given up the reigns to fate. All I can do now is wait. So wish my luck, and I wish you all the best if luck as well.


New Poem


If could write out the sounds

So that you could see what I listen to

I would

If I could pen down the chords

That weave their way into my soul

So that you could look at the beauty I hear

I would

If I could catch the voices

In a loose leaf net

So that you could once more

Feel human harmonies

Inside your fragile mind

I would be ecstatic to do so

But I can’t

And I know because I’ve tried

Instead I’ve coaxed the melodies into my hands

So that I can show you

The words that you’ve lost

With my two palms

To make sure that you still

Receive the connection that you deserve

No one should feel so detached

That’s why I’ve learned

To talk without speaking

Everyone needs communication

Yepp, I’m not going to explain this one. This is just going to go unexplained for a bit. Maybe next time I’ll clue you in to this one’s meaning. However, for now, goodnight.

By Adviceateleven

Morning Person

What?!?! You’re a morning person?!?! Morning people exist?!?! Yes, I am a morning person, and right now I’m a four in the morning person. I wake up this early every day. I usually don’t have any time in the morning because I shower, do my hair and makeup, get dressed, eat breakfast, do last minute homework, that kind of thing. However today, I finished very early. Therefore, I decided to write to you guys.

I guess that I’ll just do an update because I really don’t know what to write about. So, if you look to the right at my milestone, you will see that today is a milestone because I get to find out what part I have in the school play. That may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I love acting because I can be someone else. On stage I’m not Ivory Lace (haha the fake name I made up when I was 12 and decided to be anonymous). I get to live a million lives through acting (and through reading but I’m talking about acting haha), and it’s incredible. It’s also a great way to escape any problems in my life. Not to run away from them, but to just get a breather. Acting allows me to take a break from the issues plaguing me, and then I can go back to my life refreshed and new and ready to tackle the problems. Acting is a release for me. It’s very nice to do stage combat, that releases a lot of anger haha. Just a nice fake slap, or sometimes the director tells you to actually slap the person (softly). It’s funny, I’m a very nonviolent person, but I always end up the person who has to slap someone in shows. So to sum up, acting is amazing.

Moving on haha. Okay, tonight is also my chorus concert, and I’m very nervous because it’s my first holiday concert with select chorus (a chorus you have to audition for and not everyone gets in). The holiday concert isn’t the first concert, but there are three traditions that are hard to uphold. Firstly, we start the night out by singing Christmas Canon and we walk through the audience with fake candles and that’s the only light in the entire room. Next we do our songs, then the select orchestra comes on stage and we do a song with them. Lastly the orchestra and chorus invite anyone who wants to come up on stage and sing with us to do so. The song that is always sang is Halleluiah. I don’t know if any of you guys know this, but that song is incredibly hard to memorize and even harder to actually sing. So yeah, very difficult to uphold these traditions. Oh and then tomorrow we do our concert (minus the Christmas Canon and the orchestra songs) in front of the whole school, twice. We do it twice because our school is too big to do it all at once.

Wow, if you didn’t know from previous posts you know now, I’m a theater nerd. I love acting, singing, and dancing. Well, on that note I’m going to go. Alright, unless I post (yet again) before Christmas, Happy Holidays.


An Awesome Blog

In the header of my blog it says “an awesome blog” which bugs me. In the beginning days of this blog I didn’t use correct spelling or grammar. Now I want to be an English teacher one day. Ironic right?? Also, I had a bit more confidence back then. I thought that this blog would be awesome, now I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t call my blog awesome because that implies that it’s perfect and amazing. To be truthful, this blog is flawed. I make mistakes, not everyone can always relate to everything, I use a pseudonym. So I would not dare call this an awesome blog anymore. I wish that I could figure out how to change it because I want it to say “Adviceateleven, A Real Blog.” I tell you guys the truth (save for identities). I mean if you guys knew Trevor’s real name you’d probably find him and kill him. Which would be bad because then one of my incredible followers would be in jail and that would make me sad XD Anyway, this isn’t an awesome blog, it’s a real blog. This is a real blog that I pour my heart and soul into, and I hope that you guys appreciate it. I love you all (I haven’t reminded you guys how cool you are in a while so I’m doing that now). Goodbye until my next post, if that happens to be after Christmas, happy holidays to you all 🙂

-adviceateleven ❤

Advice at Sixteen

As some of my long term followers know, I started this blog when I was eleven. Hence the name Advice at Eleven. Well years have passed and I’m sixteen now. My birthday isn’t today  it was actually in October, but I just realized that I never made a post for it, and I usually do. So what’s different now that I’m sixteen?? For one, I have my driving permit. Secondly, college has become really real. I’m a junior, and when I go to college I’ll be 17. That’s just a year. It’s crazy. Enough about me being sixteen though, let’s talk about eleven year old me.

I’ve never actually told you guys about how this blog really came to be. Yes I told you why I made it, but what gave me the idea?? Well, my brother had a blog (he’s 14 years older than me) and he is an incredible writer. I mean he would take something as simple as what he ate for dinner and create a beautiful post about it that would relate to the world and it is just amazing. Well fast forward to now, he no longer updates his blog because he has two kids. Anyway, I wanted to be like him. Also, I was in tha mall food court when I came up with the name Adviceateleven. I came up wit this name because I had wanted a blog for a while and I didn’t know what I’d write about. However, that day, sitting in the food court eating Chinese food with my mom, I was pissed. I don’t remember exactly what it was but my mom was telling me a story about how some stupid person did something stupid. I must have felt pretty passionate about the issue because I sat there for an hour and just spewed out my opinion to my mom. I gave advice (that the stupid person would never hear granted) and I related the issue to my life and it was just amazing. I didn’t know that I had that in me. Next I decided that an eleven year old knew more about giving advice than that stupid person, so I came up with avdiceateleven.

Well, that is the birth story of my blog. I hope that you enjoyed it, and Happy Birthday Adviceateleven

-adviceateleven 🙂


Okay, so I’ve started this post over and over and I kept trying to write as though there was nothing on my mind. No matter how I started this post, it just didn’t seem real and honest. So guys I’m going to be honest because there are a lot of thing I’m not honest about on here. For instance, names, my name isn’t Ivory like it says in my WordPress profile, and Luke’s name isn’t Luke. I censor names so that I can protect identities, but by doing so I’m lying about those names. I’d never make up anything about my life though, all the stories I tell you are true, I only censor names. However, occasionally I leave out details (not on purpose) I just forget that you guys don’t actually know me. So right now, I’m going to be painfully honest (painful for me).

I moved. I took my life and ripped it out of the house that I lived in for years and years and I just placed it into a new apartment. The reason for this is that my mom and stepdad split up. They didn’t get a divorce my mom just decided that she needed time to herself. She told me that she was miserable, and she wouldn’t want to see me that miserable so she figured that I would want her to do whatever she needed to make herself happy again. It’s true, I would do anything to make anyone happy. I can’t stand to see people upset. So we moved. Not far, just across town. I still go to the same school, not much has changed except my address. However, one more thing that has changed is my mom and dad. Not my stepdad either, my actual dad. He constantly tries to get me to move in with him, and he constantly asks what my mom is doing and how everything is and what her friends are doing. He wants to catch her being a bad mother so that he can tell the family court judge. He hates that we moved, not because he’s concerned about me, but because he hates having to face the extra ten minutes of traffic it takes to get to where I live now. You may think that that’s ridiculous, that’s because it is. But it’s true, every time he comes to pick me up he mentions the awful traffic and how because my mom decided to move she should be the one dropping me off at his house. Next, how my mom has changed. She’s more spiritual. Every day she puts a new quote on our chalkboard, she has decided that she wants to go to church every Sunday, and she just has a different air about her. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem any happier. I’m honestly pretty numb right now, I don’t know how to feel. I did write something, I’m not sure if I’d call it a poem, but I’m going to share it with you in the next paragraph.

I’m no construction worker, but I was proud of the last project that I built. I poured blood, sweat, and tears into this project for years and years. When something went wrong or broke I could always fix it and most everything had a place. But yesterday I disassembled my project and watched as it was precariously shoved into a Ryder van that drove off. I watched my life’s work drive down the road until I could no longer see the massive red and white vehicle that stole my everything. The entire process took about twenty minutes. My entire life was just taken apart and moved in 1,200 seconds. That’s no time at all. I had built a life and it was just taken down and transported somewhere new. Somewhere that has no memories seeping out of every pore. A place where I’d never fallen down the stairs and given my mom a heart attack. Somewhere that I haven’t spent hours and hours practicing songs and perfecting my art. A place where I have never cried nor laughed. A place that means nothing to me whatsoever. For now.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed that haha. If you’re going through something similar or anything at all and you want someone to talk to, comment that and I’ll be here for you. Alright guys I have spent two days writing this, I have to post it now. I hope that you appreciate my honesty or that you think something when you read this. That’s my goal, I want people to think and feel something when they read my writing. Before I get too deep again, bye.


Beyond Life

This week my step-grandmother passed away. She had been in the hospital for several days suffering from seizures, and they had to keep her sedated. She didn’t know that she was dying, but she wasn’t frail. People told me to be strong and to give her happy thoughts but why wish me the strength that she desperately needed?? Those days where she was in the hospital barely clinging on to a small strand of life she needed the strength people told me to keep. In a heart beat I would’ve given her my strength if I could’ve because in the last moments of her life she needed it, and that’s also when she needed it to be all about her. It wasn’t. It was all about everyone who knew her. No one began telling stories of her life while she was still her. No one gathered in her honor to show her that she was important  and would be missed if she left us. No one gave her strength. Everyone, myself included, greedily hung on to her memory with the delusion that she could push forward from this. Everyone acted as though nothing were wrong because they wanted to pretend that this was just a hiccup in her life. However, now that the delusion has been shattered people gather. Now that it’s too late everyone honors her and shares their precious memories of her beautiful life. Only now do people acknowledge that she has slipped away. Today I’ll be going to her services to stare down at her lifelessness and pray that she has found something beyond life. Today I will hear countless stories of her. Stories of her beauty and of her strength and of her generosity and of her life. My only question is, where the hell was all of this when she was still alive and needed it?? Now that she is gone what will a service in her memory do?? None of this will bring her back so why do we bother?? This funeral is not for her. It’s for those who are still here that were touched by her in some small way. Again I ask what the hell that is going to do for her?? Excuse my language, but I just don’t understand why this all is necessary. Knowing my grammy she wouldn’t want all this. She hated people worrying about her, she made is her job to be concerned about others. This funeral has very little to do with her, and that’s saddening.

Anyway, I’ll write again soon.


By Adviceateleven

Throwback Thursday

Ughhhhhh, I hate Throwback Thursday. It always seems to end with my baby pictures plastered all over Facebook…… thanks mom. However, today I’m taking part of Throwback Thursday (I know I promised to talk about my job but ehhhhh my blog my rules). Anyway, I wanted to share with you a little piece of middle school me (scary right??). I started this blog when I was in middle school, and anyone who has read some of my earlier posts knows how scary I was. i always talked with out spealing things right annd their was mistakes everywhere because i was too lazy two use proper grammer. Ughhhh *shiver* that was the old me. Anyway I’m still not perfect, but I’m a lot better now. So to share with you a piece of old me, here’s a poem I wrote in seventh grade.

Pass It On

Pass it on

Pass it on

My friends say to me

After telling me a


Do I pass it on??

Do I keep it to myself??

Is it true??

Is it false??

I know that it’s


Will my friends still like me if I don’t pass it on??

Will I hurt someone if I do??

Gossip gossip

I think to myself

And I don’t pass it on

Yeah, so there’s a piece of old me. Wow my poems sucked even more back then. At least I could come up with titles haha. Titles are my weakness dun dun duuunnn. Alright so I showed you old me and now I want to show you a bit of new me. This poem is still in the works but here goes nothing.


Can I tell you a secret??

I still wonder sometimes

Real, open-eyed wonder

I guess it’s because I’m not an adult

I haven’t been cured

Of my “childish ways”

By no means am I naïve

I’m just not blind yet

They say it will happen as I age

I’ll stop seeing little things

At first

To be cured of sight

To not see the women’s wrists

Adorned with Alex & Ani & Bruises

To be blind to the deterioration

Slowly eating away at the world

Oh what a dream to dream

I still dream sometimes

True, surreal dreams

I guess it’s because

I’m not an adult

I haven’t been cured

Of my “childish ways”

By no means am I naïve

I’m just not deaf yet

This too will develop

As time goes by

I’ll stop hearing things

Nothing important

Just the whispers

Of fabled freedom

And the screams

Of those who never

Grew up

Oh what a song to sing

I still sing sometimes

I guess it’s because

I’m not an adult

I haven’t been cured

Of my “childish way”

By no means am I naïve

I’m just not mute yet

They say this happens the fastest

I’ll stop speaking

I won’t belt out in the shower

Or offer

A greeting or

A condolence or

A warning

To anyone

It’s safer this way

Oh what a feeling

I still feel sometimes

I guess it’s because

I’m not an adult

I haven’t been cured

Of my “childish ways”

By no means am I naïve

I’m just not paralyzed yet

I can feel the rumored


And I’m starting to feel


It’s creeping up my body

Ever so slowly

And it burns white-hot

Suffocating me

In my once-cozy cage

It opens my eyes by force

So I know the truth behind

The cure

Oh to be cured

I now know

It’s because I’m not an adult

I won’t be cured

Of my “childish ways”

By no means am I naïve

It’s just that

I can still smell

I still smell the steaming bull crap

They serve on silver platters around here

That’s why they give us

The cure

To infect us with idiocy

To fix what isn’t broken

Running is the only way

Escape is essential

But we’ve been under our own

Lock and key so long

That no one remembers

 Where we hid the key

It’s too late for me

Avenge my senses

And never give up your

“Childish Ways”

Don’t let them take you too

It only takes one person

To start a revolution

And don’t forget-


I don’t think anymore

I guess it’s because

I’m an adult

I’ve been cured

Of those “childish ways”

By no means am I naïve

I just know what’s best for me

And you

Follow me

Join me

It’s better with the cure

Don’t live your life


Okay if you suffered through that gigantic poem I love you. Also, this is meant to be a spoken word so it sounds much better when its performed rather than just read. Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, it means the world to me.

-adviceateleven ❤


By Adviceateleven


I promise that I will be writing something new for you guys soon (maybe some summer job tips because I got a summer job) but lately I’ve just been meh. That’s the only way that I can describe it, meh. Okay adviceateleven over and out.


By Adviceateleven


I’M BACK!! No offense but I wish that I wasn’t. However, while I was away I didn’t forget about you guys. On the plane ride home I pre-wrote a post, that’s the first time that I’ve ever pre-written XD. Okay here we go.

By now I know that no one says anything when they see them. I just pull down my sleeve, smile, and move on. Things got bad. I needed to run away more than ever. So I did. I went to Ecuador. Of course this was a planned trip, but it came at the right time. Short sleeved shirts and no bracelets, however, meant no hiding, not even a million miles away. I honestly didn’t care. It wasn’t like they were that fresh. Looking back now, I can’t even remember how many people stared at my bare wrists and then walked on. A lot. Other kids on the trip mostly, but some locals too. Walking the streets of Quito, I saw that I wasn’t the only one with scars. Children with no love in their eyes selling nicotine, women with short skirts selling scarves with one hand and holding a gurgling baby in the other. The worst was a woman sitting on the putrid ground selling scratch off tickets. Don’t ask me how she managed to sell them with no arms. Everyone is your friend. Everyone welcomes you into their clubs with open arms. Free drinks for girls. On Sundays all those people cram into pure gold churches as tall as the sky. Jesus is everywhere. Bleeding on her necklace, crucified into that wall, raised up onto his boney, scraped up shoulders. Everyone carries him. No one even seems to mind their scars, it’s just how it’s always been and always will be. People broadcast their imperfections. The worse you look, the more currency sympathy you’ll get from pale faced tourists. I didn’t stay long in Ecuador, I went to the Galapagos Islands too. It’s illegal for natives to cry there. A friendly face brings home the bread. Don’t misinterpret me, I loved Ecuador and the islands. I climbed to the top of the Basika. I swam next to sea turtles and played with sea lions. I hiked to the top of an active volcano. I’ve almost stepped on real sea urchins and chocolate chip starfish. I saw land turtles having sex, twice, on two completely different islands. One time was definitely turtle rape, at least she got away. I’ve stood on the equator. I saw people eat roosted guinea pig, and I’ve walked on volcanic ash. I’ve hung out with land and marine iguanas. Oh yeah and lava lizards are pretty chill. I went clubbing in a discotecha and turned down guys when they asked me to dance (you’re welcome Luke). Haha, I told one that I have a boyfriend (tengo un novio!!) and he still asked me twice!! One asked me four times!!!! Not to mention I saved four girls from that guy when I saw him trying to put his hands on their asses, (no one tries to do that to my friends!!). I’ve even seen the wall of tears, the Charles Darwin monument, the Charles Darwin Research center (different things on different islands haha), and I’ve made a few new scars. Good ones. Not the kind that are done to the song Breathe Me by Sia at night in my room all alone. The kind that I’m proud to show off. This one I got while trekking up a volcano on Isabela Island. This one is from being kicked by a flipper with snorkeling with sea lions. This one is from being bitten by an Ecuadorian bug!! And this one, I don’t really remember, but I got it in the Southern Hemisphere. Oh yeah, and the reason that you stared at my wrists faded in the Southern Hemisphere too. Gone. I’ve gained some battle wounds and lost my friendly fire ones. I’ve had a once in a lifetime trip that I do not regret the slightest. Not even as I sweated off ten pounds (no joke) and went 10 days without my phone or computer. I needed to run away, and I did, but I’m back now. And after shopping in Otovalo and having an Easter egg hunt in Fucking Ecuador, I’m ready to go home. Happy Late Easter
-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven

Library Love

Why yes, this post is going to be about my love for the library, what gave it away?? Haha, but seriously the library is pretty awesome. Not only can you take out books for free, there are tons of introverts hanging around. That makes it much easier for us introverted people to make friends. However, the best thing about the library, is the books (duh). Not just the fact that there are many books, the fact that you’re reading a book that has been read by who knows how many other people?? Does that small tear in the book mark a place where the person before you got too excited while reading?? Are the water stains tears?? The books in the library are unique in the fact that they have infinite stories to tell. Not only the story written, but the story hidden in a reader’s code. The scars of a book tell their own narratives, and I find that incredible. 

Okay, now you’re probably thinking, “oh cool, now where’s the point in this post??” Do not doubt me my faithful followers, the point is yet to come. The beginning of this post is meant to set a scene and to put you into one of two groups. If you were thinking, “I know exactly what she means, I met most of my friends in the library, I’m there all the time,” you’re group one. If you were thinking, “Ughhh I hate how libraries are too quiet, I only go there when I’m bored during lunch, librarians are mean,” you’re group two. There’s nothing wrong with being in group one or two. Group ones, however, know how excited I am to tell you guys that……. (dramatic drum roll)………… I’M INTERNING AT MY LIBRARY. That’s right, me at an unpaid internship, giving up my lunch period, to help kids, who tend to be rather rude, find books. Nevertheless, I love it. Even though some of the other interns are quiet mean, the library is my scene (see what I did there). People actually need my help there, and most people listen to me because I’m the one that knows where that book is, I’m the one that will renew your book so that your perfect record isn’t tarnished by an overdue book. I have power in the library, and I use it for good not evil. If now and then a student doesn’t have a pass to the library I let it slide, or if there’s a group of kids hiding in the back of the library just to chill I give them a warning. I’m fairly easy going, and it makes the kids respect me. When they get yelled at by other interns for something, they stop asking them for help and go to me. Because I’m nicer, they come to me and if I tell them no, they know that I’ve been kind to them and they respect me by refraining from breaking the rules. I absolutely love this internship. It’s where I belong for now. (Now what you’ve all been waiting for…… the point!!) DO WHAT YOU WANT……. WITHIN REASON. Hahahaha, do what makes you happy so long as it’s good for you. There we go, short and simple….. sorta……. 😀 

Anyways, update on Luke, he’s still as hot and sweet as ever 😉

Bye guys!!

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


Do you know what I mean when I say that I’m sinking?? I’d put money on the fact that most of you said yes, but the truth is that no one has any idea what I could mean. Sure there’s the obvious, “Well duhh you’re toy boat sunk in the bath tub,” but I don’t have a bath tub…. So next guess would be that I’m depressed and I’m sinking further into depression right?? Wrong, there’s no possible way that you could know exactly what I mean when I say that lately I’ve been sinking. There’s no way you could know because you aren’t me, you haven’t lived my life, you can’t read my mind (at least I hope you can’t). Anyways, back to sinking.

I am sinking, not into depression, but into homework, into stress, into breakdowns, into…. emptiness. Occasionally I pray for depression, then I’d know that the this drowning sensation isn’t quiet as strong as I previously assumed. I’ve been depressed before, I’ve seen depression chain my friends and family in its prisons, and this isn’t depression. Instead of trying to swim in Jell-O, it’s more like being buried alive. I’m in a concrete box while the little bit oxygen rushes greedily into my lungs. I have to hold my breath, and breathe shallowly so I can conserve the precious molecules of life. This is being scared to death, but not letting it show so that when someone finds me in here, I’m smiling. This is triumphing on the outside. This is confidence and strength and beauty, on the outside. Now in this box I don’t have an X-ray to see what’s on the inside, however I’m certain that the outside doesn’t mirror the deep oceans that rage in my delicate mind. The only strand of sanity I cling onto is the music, the unpredictable, drowning music. Light and nimble notes caressing me, booming drums vibrating my innards to test that strand, and the silence. The enchanting nothingness that haunts me when I begin a new song. I can’t help not thinking when I’m in this box, in Jell-O you still see blurred images of life. In Jell-O you still ask why. In concrete you don’t have answers, but at least you don’t have questions, because you know that this is set in stone and that it’s you just because. The worst thing about this box is the disgusting hope. In depression you believe that there is none, that no one cares and that’s just how it is. But in the uncertainty of the box, the hope lingers, tainting the minuscule bits of breathable air left. It makes you sick to your stomach, but you can’t throw up because the hope is solid. It crowds around you encompassing you in a cocoon of false contentment. The hope hurts. The hope kills. The hope, is what I’m sinking in.

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


I am still having technical issues 😥 I am sooooo sorry, I do love you guys but computers don’t love me. Anyways, Renne and Justin still aren’t together, but it’s a working process. Also, I’m in a new play!! I’m not going to say what play, however it is one that isn’t just kids and teens. This is a serious play with adults (I’m the youngest cast member!!) Today is my first rehearsal, wish me luck. I know two people in the play, a Russian boy (he’s here in America on a foreign exchange program) and my wifey (in another play I played a boy and she was my wife) other than that I don’t really know anyone :/ I’m nervous, but I’m sure I will be fine…. I hope. Alrighty, update on Luke time. He is still the cutest and best boyfriend ever, but DRAMA. A girl (my good friend Cassie) told him that he turns her on…….. yeah, needles to say she isn’t much of a good friend…. But, I don’t want to make things awkward, she doesn’t know that I know that she said that, and Luke told her that it made him feel uncomfortable and she shouldn’t say things like that because he’s in a committed relationship…… and I didn’t tell him to say that…… yepp perfect boyfriend ❤ Also, she apologized to him, and I think I’m just going to appease her for now, and see how things go. I may/may not regret this decision later, but such is life.

Okay, now I’ve just done what I normally do, given you an update, and then a problem and what I’m going to do to solve it (Hopefully you learn from my life) However, maybe some of you don’t care about Renne and Justin, or you absolutely love to hear about Luke. Basically, I want to know who you want to hear about. I can do a whole post about them and maybe you’ll like it haha. So go through my posts and find someone that you want a full, full, full update on. Maybe you want to know what happened to Connie, or Rebecca, or Trevor (ew). I could also introduce you to someone new, the possibilities are endless. In fact, there are two people I could introduce you to, you can choose from either Tara or Christian. So come on, pick someone, majority rules.

-adviceateleven ❤

My Apologies

Heyyyyy, I am so sorry. I haven’t been on in months, but I have an excuse. My laptop died. I’m on my stepdads computer and i’m being all secretive, I can not have my parents find this blog. Anywaysssss on to happier stuff. I’ve finally found friends to sit with at lunch, yepp I’m that cool sophomore sitting with two seniors and a junior 🙂 They’re hipsters in denial though, they refuse to sit in the upperclassmen lunch room, because it’s stupid and everyone sits there. So yay for me!! Me and the junior, Abbey, are trying to get the seniors, Renne and Justin, together. They are perfect together. End of story, it is meant to be. She’s had a crush on him for 4 years, and it’s obvious he likes her. Our goal is to get them together by prom. He absolutely refuses to go to prom……. wish me luck haha. Omigosh for Christmas I got him the best gift. I made something really awesome for Abbey, and for Renne I got her a quote book that she loves, but I had no clue what to get Justin. He loves Pink Floyd, and when he’s upset he draws a brick wall, and adds a brick every time. So I got my dad to draw a brick, and I gave him that. He, loved, it. Like a lot, I thought he might throw it out, but he actually put it in a folder, and hung it in his locker. The kid loves his brick xD 

Okay now for an update on my guy. Luke, is, the, best, boyfriend, ever. He is so cute, and he’s extremely considerate. My last boyfriend, Trevor, said a whole bunch of nice words to me. It felt like a dream when he told me such beautiful words, but actions speak louder than words. He was controlling, childish, and disrespectful. However, Luke doesn’t have flowery words, he looks me in the eyes, he holds my hand tight and takes as long s possible when he has to let go, Luke holds me when I cry, he tries to understand when I’m sad. He doesn’t realize how much he means to me, or how much his actions effect me, and sometimes he gets depressed, and then I get depressed. He’s different in the best way, and he makes me happy.

Alrighty, now it is time for me to take my leave. See you soon!!

First Day Worries and Woes

I’ve denied you guys this post for too long. However, it wasn’t all my fault, my internet was down so yeah. Also, I was in a desolate state. I was immensely depressed. (If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m trying to tell you that the first day sucked, on ice.) My hair looked great; as did my nails, makeup, and outfit. How I looked wasn’t the problem. I only have one class with Luke, only one class with Julie, and no classes with any of my other sisters. Plus I got the tougher English teacher. He’s going to make me a better writer, but I’m scared that in the process I’ll lose my deep love for writing. I don’t want that to happen. My other teachers aren’t the best either. My science teacher is “by the boo” as she says. However she’s too by the book, she’s all work no fun. My Spanish teacher babies us like we’re in fifth grade Spanish instead of eleventh (I skipped a grade in Spanish). My social studies teacher is okay, she isn’t great, she doesn’t suck. My math teacher is chill, I actually really like him, he’s a “go with the flow, just do the work and we’ll be friends” kind of guy. My chorus teacher is the same one I had last year, she’s eccentric, but I love her even if she does have an unnatural amount of energy in the morning. She’s also my music theory teacher (she has unnatural energy at the end of the day as well). 

This reminds me, I have homework for music theory that I’d like your guys help on. In your opinion, is music an art or a science?? Leave a comment or send me an email with your viewpoint.

Alright, now next order of business is my latest vocabulary update. You may have perceived how I’ve been scattering more advanced terms throughout the course of this post. Well, my English teacher said something that inquired my interest. “There’s always a better word,” how true!! Admit it, on how many occasions have you said a mediocre word when you could have, should have used a more appropriate word?? If you’re like me the answer is often. I wish to use superior words, therefore I will make it a point to do so. Let’s face it, the internet gives the choice to be whatever you want, why choose to be stupid?? 



My life is officially over. Time to say goodbye to freedom, time to say hello to eight hours of torture a day. I guess I have it better than most kids, my school starts later than most schools. Like in Georgia they start school in August, but I’m pretty sure they get out earlier than we do. I would hate to live in China they don’t have summer vacation. Just in case you happen to be an idiot and haven’t go it yet, I go back to school tomorrow and I don’t want to. At least it means that I get to see Luke every day. Well, I hope, I’m still not sure if we have any classes together. I will die if we don’t. We might have gym together….. that would be um interesting. I would totally beat him in dodge ball every time. We also might have History together, that’d be cool. We don’t have lunch together though and that sucks, badly. I have two friends in my lunch at least. I really don’t want to go to school, but then again I guess I sort of want to go back.

I hate my schedule, but I will see some of my friends at least. Wow, this post is making me so depressed…. I guess I’ll talk about the other good things about going back to school.

I got my hair straightened, cut (I got layers,) and dyed (the bottom in the back only is dyed auburn, so to see it you have to look twice,) I got new clothes, I got my nails all done, my eyebrows waxed, and I got a new attitude. I want to be happy, therefore I am going to be. I am not going to let anything small get me down. My whole life I’ve told myself that I don’t deserve to be happy, that I wasn’t good enough to be happy. Well forget that. I’m not going to be content, I am going to b happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. Well, I need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow…. I love you guys,

-adviceateleven 🙂

By Adviceateleven

Smart Alec

I’m continuing with the whole “branch out” thing and today I’m sharing a side of me that not many people know about, my Smart Alec side. I use a lot of sarcasm, unfortunately not many people get my sarcasm. My humor is always misunderstood. People just stare at me when I make a joke and then I awkwardly say, “it’s a joke…….”  The only one who really got my humor was my social studies teacher last year. He laughed at all my jokes, and I was the only one in class laughing my head off at all of his. He loved to joke about how he didn’t care about us kids, he would act mean and stern, and kids would get scared of him. As some kids were cowering like mice in the clutches of a cat, I was laughing hysterically.

I was his favorite student. He always gave us time to study right before a test and the first time he did this, I whipped out the flashcards I had prepared the night before. My flashcards did anything but blend in. My neon orange flash cards stood out like a sore thumb against the mass sea of white worksheet papers. The teacher walked around the class until he made it to my back row seat and stopped cold. “What do you have there??” He asked sternly. “Flashcards……” I replied, I had begun to think I was in trouble. Then he cleared his throat to get the attention of all the kids. All eyes were on me. I hated having the attention on me. I thought the worst, was I going to get in trouble?? For freaking flashcards?! Then the teacher spoke, “The only smart kid in this school, she made flashcards, Ivory here is using her brain and she’s going to get out of high school prepared for collage,” then he spoke just to me, “Good job.” Relief flooded through me. From there I couldn’t help the giggles that shook through me. Ever since that day, me and my flashcards were his favorite students. 

I’m no teachers pet, but from then on I used my best jokes on that teacher. He would try not to laugh, but I always knew he thought I was funny. Every class I looked forward to, it was my comic relief for the day. I would laugh and learn. I’m not a class clown either, but a Smart Alec?? Yeahhh I can be one of those haha. Alright, I’m out,


Creative Cat

By now you guys should know that my hobbies and talents tend to be on the creative side of things. I write, I sing, I dance, I act, these are all things that require a certain amount of creativity. While those are my main hobbies, I also like some other creative things. By that I mean that I really enjoy art. Art can come in many forms. The basics are paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and so on. However, dance is an art. Music and acting are also arts. I love the arts, but I’m not skilled with a paintbrush by any means. I can sketch a little (meaning that when I sketch people can tell what it’s supposed to be at best) and I really like working with oil pastels. The art I make though is no still life, nor portrait. I make representational art (abstract and surreal). When I draw or paint or sculpt, I prefer to make something that makes people think. I want people to wonder what the meaning behind my art is. (I also like drawing cartoon people for fun haha.)

You’re probably like, why the heck is she telling us this?? Well, the reason is that I’m trying to show you guys my other sides. I wanted to branch out, so my blog could touch all kinds of people. If you read my last post then you know all about my idea. The main point of me telling you about my artsy side is because I want you to know that if you need someone to share your artwork with, I’m your girl. I appreciate art, however I don’t appreciate obscene pictures. So if you’re going to send me art, make sure it’s pg. If you want to share you’re art with me (I hope you do!!) then email me at adviceateleven@gmail.com 

Even if you don’t want share art and you just want to talk, I’m cool with that. Email me!! Haha, okay this creative cat is out

Gamers Unite!!

Alrighty, it’s time my blog expands to involve more than just the people like me. I’m talking about the gamers. You’d probably never guess that I’m a gamer, well that would be because I’m not. However, Luke is strongly encouraging me to branch out and call to my inner gamer. Luke (my boyfriend for those of you who don’t know) is a hardcore gamer. He is such a gamer that he has a team of fellow gamers. He’s been trying to recruit me for ever, but I don’t have an Xbox so impossible. Well actually, my step brother just got an Xbox so I guess I somewhat have one now.

Anyway, his team is called ShadowTeam, and if you’re a serious gamer then you should check out his website and maybe join his team.

His team is only for Xbox (sorry those of you who play PlayStation) and I probably won’t explain it well, so I’ll just leave a link for his website towards the end of this post.

This whole branching out thing has got me thinking. My blog is very directed towards writers and shy people and well, the people like me. I don’t have much for gamers or jocks or preps. (Sorry that I’m using stereotypical labels, it’s just easiest.) I believe I need to do something for people who aren’t like me. I’ve toyed with the idea of having other writers, but honestly this is my blog and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having other people write here. I guess the only way for my blog to branch out, is for me to branch out. I should start writing things for other types of people, and to do so I need to start getting out of my comfort zone.

I don’t know, I’m starting to think this idea is stupid. Maybe I’ll try it, maybe I won’t. Let me know what you think. Should I try to widen my horizon?? Or should I just stick to what I know?? Who knows what I’ll do, I don’t even know.

Okay, sorry for those gamers who are just itching to check out Luke’s team website. I know I made you read through all of this, but you made it this far so you can wait a little longer. So, in the news of my latest poem (the haiku) it still needs a title people!! Look at my last post, read the poem, think of a title, tell me the title. Should I choose your title as the one I’ll be using, I will write a post all about you and your blog. I will even follow your blog. If you have no blog then I will just write a post about you and your awesomeness. 

Finally!! Relief for the poor gamers who have waited so very long. Here’s the link.
Oh crap and Luke isn’t his real name, it’s the name I give him on here to protect his and my identities. So if you call him Luke and he has no clue what you’re talking about…. sorry haha. Good luck,




If your school loves you as much as mine loves me, you just got your schedule, and you just found out that you have no classes with any friends. All of my friends have fifth period lunch so it only makes sense that I have seventh period lunch. I might have gym and social studies with Luke, maybe. And I might have geometry with Brandon, but other than that, so far I’m all freaking alone. Lucky me. Well before I complain more I’ll talk about something else. (I’ll give advice about this situation when I’m less upset, I promise.)
So, i’m not entirely sure what I want to write about…… I just came on to vent, however maybe I’ll try writing a poem for you guys. I’m in a poem mood

I close my two eyes

To see all the unseen things

To forget the world

For some weird reason I wrote a haiku. It needs a title, any suggestions?? No idea is a bad idea, but not every idea is the right idea. So I’m open to all title suggestions.
I think I’ll turn it into a competition, if I chose your title name, then I will follow your blog and put a link to your blog in my next post. If I chose none of your titles well then that sucks. If your title wins and you don’t have a blog I’ll just tell everyone how awesome you are. Okay now that the rules are set, good luck!!

Normal Post

Because my last post wasn’t exactly “normal,” I’ll be doing another one for you guys. I would like to tell you that I have been working like a dog on the love poem I’ve promised, however, that would be a lie. I want to write this poem I’m just afraid it will be too mushy and cliche, or it will be the whole “love isn’t a bouquet of roses it’s the smiles we share” thing which is sooooooooooo over done that it makes me want to barf. 
Anyway, moving on. About my last post “Nine Days Until Death” I decided to do that in the whole news reporter style because my English teacher last year made us do a project in the style of a newspaper article. She pretended to be different people for us to interview and then we wrote about the big thing that had happened. Throughout the interviews she kept looking at me, and she thought hard about the questions I asked. By the end of the thing she said that I was the only kid who took this assignment seriously and that I should consider a career as an investigative reporter for a newspaper or news show. As you all know, I want to be teacher. It’s all I talk about and it’s even on my bucket list!! Still, I should be looking at other occupational opportunities. Of course, the post I made in the news style was just for kicks and giggles, but it was kind of fun to try and observe every angle of the story. From the teens and kids, to the adults, to the stores, and even the kids without Summer vacation. I tried to add every point of view. I suppose it’s good to keep an open mind about all of this. But I think I need to remember that I’m only 14 (well almost 15) and I have time. I don’t have to be so worried yet….. Then again when haven’t I been worried about my future?? Oh well. Join us next time here at wordpress’s awesome blog 

Nine Days Until Death

Breaking news: There are a total of nine standard days until Summer will be sacrificed for the sake of Education. They are raves and riots. Kids who have refused to do their summer homework are scrambling like eggs to complete their work. Children are getting in their last rebellious acts until they have to be good for Santa Claus.

Mas Chaos has erupted all over…….. well except for in China where summer vacation doesn’t exist……… Adult stress levels have skyrocketed from being 98% stressed to 99% as they fight for last minute deals on school supplies. This year the supply list have gotten longer and the stores have gotten richer. Does anyone know the difference between a graphing calculator and a scientific calculator?! I need both!! And what the heck makes a Texas Instrument calculator sooooo special?!

Tomorrow our top story will be the mourning of Summer Fun Vacation. Not even dead, yet we mourn the short lived life of Summer. A moment of silence please.

Liebster Award!!

Liebster Award Photo
Okay, okay, okay, I am freeeeaking out. I was nominated by Em (check out her blog, she was nominated too and she’s great) over at http://ateenagersmemoir.wordpress.com for a Liebster Award!! So, honestly I am still slightly confused about all this, but the rules are
The Liebster Award Rules:  
You must link back the person who nominated you.
You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers
You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.
My ten questions are:

1) What is your worst habit?

My worst habit would be my OCD. I have to do things evenly. If I eat one chip, I have to eat another. If I take three steps, I have to take one more to be even. I hate OCD so much, because it’s really just a bad habit that I need to break.

2) What is the one thing that you will never do again?

I will never jump off my shed onto the trampoline again….. Okay, I climbed on top of my shed and jumped off onto my trampoline and underneath my trampoline is metal bars and concrete….. Yeahhh not my best idea, but it was still fun for a minute.

3) What happened the last time you cried?

Last time I cried was because my nephew and niece had left to go back home. They live in Seattle I live in New York. I spent a week with them and I couldn’t bare it when they left. I curled up under my comforter with a pint of sea salt and caramel ice cream and cried in the dark.

4) If you could have one superpower for one day, what would it be and what would you do?

If I could have one super power, it would be the power to heal anyone who is sick. And all that day I would heal every sick and suffering person.

5) What is your most embarrassing moment?

Oh embarrassment, there are so may embarrassing moments in my life but at the top would be this one time in first grade. I was reading at my desk before class when all of a sudden I didn’t feel good. So I literally said to the kid next to me, “I don’t feel good, I should put this book away.” I put the book away, sat down, and proceeded to barf all over my desk. Then I nicely raised my hand and asked to go to the nurse. I had to carry  tiny trash can because I couldn’t stop puking….. poor first grade me.

6) If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

My blog is all about giving advice to others, but advice to myself is kind of difficult. I’m the person people go to when they need help, but I never help myself, I’m more of a suffer in silence (and then later post my issues on here haha) person.
I guess if I were to give a younger me advice, it would be to not let people walk over yourself….. myself….. whatever haha. I always let people take advantage of my niceness and I sort of wish I wouldn’t. Everyone thinks that I will just do everything to make their problems go away and I do because I let them walk all over me like I’m some kind of door mat.

7) What is the most scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

I am so easily frightened. People just say “boo” and I freak out. The scariest thing to happen to me though is when for a whole month when I was younger I would go to sleep all normal tucked in and then wake up with my entire bed flipped around. My pillows would be on the wrong side, the blanket flipped around, and even I was facing the wrong way. It was so weird and after a few weeks of this happening, it just stopped as suddenly as  it started.

8) What was happening the last time you were really nervous?

Last time I was nervous was when I was going to sleep away camp for the first time. I wasn’t nervous until I was signed in and at my cabin. I had got the last top bunk and all the other girls just stared at me, like full out stared.

9) What would people be surprised to learn about you?

People are always surprised when they find out I listen to Eminem, Sublime, and Kid Cudi. My cousin introduced me to these kinds of music during the summer at the wee hours of the morning. We would listen to these songs on repeat over and over. So when I hear the old Eminem, Sublime, and Kid Cudi, I think back to when I was little drunk on soda and cheese doodles, just chilling. Whenever people find out that though, their eyes pop out of their head and they say stuff like, “but you’re such a good girl, those songs have swearing and bad things in them.” It’s really funny to see their reactions.

10) What is your most favourite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is write. When I’m alone in my room, blasting music at 2 am writing like my life depends on it, it’s the most bliss thing in the world. Writing is my release, my drug, and me all wrapped up together. It makes me feel important and like I have something worth putting down on paper for the world to see. Writing is the way I feel connected, when I write it’s like anything is possible, like infinity is possible. Nothing is too difficult to overcome, and I’m not alone. I feel connected to the past, present, and future as I write the skeletons in my closet and the golden light peeking through the windows in my mind.

I had way too much fun with that last question haha. Alight, now I have to nominate ten other bloggers. That is going to be hard. So first I’m going to write down my ten questions fir my nominees to answer.

1. If you could have dinner with one celebrity that has passed who would it be and why??

2. What’s the happiest moment in your life so far??

3. Why did you start blogging??

4. If there was a soundtrack to your life what five songs/artists would be on it and why??

5. What’s your dream job??

6. If you could drop everything right now and go anywhere in the world would you?? If yes, where would you go?? If no, why not??

7. Do you have any regrets?? If so, what do you regret??

8. Coke or Pepsi??

9. If you could live the life of any fictional character from a book, movie, or TV show, who would it be and why??

10. Are you superstitious?? (Ex. no walking under ladders, Friday the 13th, broken mirrors etc.) Why or why not??

Okay, now here are my nominees:










These are the blogs I find worthy of nomination. There are so many others I wish I could have nominated, but I can only nominate 10. Good luck to all my fellow nominees and thank you Em for nominating me!! You are officially an awesome person.
-adviceateleven ❤

Love Poem

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to write for my next poem and well, I’m thinking about doing a love poem. It can not be cliche though. It needs to be fresh and original, something new. Or maybe I’ll just forget the love poem…… I’m much better at depressing and inspirational poems. 
I also really need to continue writing my novel I am so behind. I keep saying that yet here I am, writing on my blog instead of in my novel. Eh, maybe I’ll write after breakfast, I’m hungry haha. It’s 10:10 and I haven’t gotten out of bed yet…. but I woke up at 7:00……. 
I also need to finish reading this book. It’s called Legend, and it is awesome. Speaking of books, I should recommend some to you guys. The Born at Midnight series is incredible. Also, I’ve been trying to read the House of Night series and it’s pretty good. 
Well, I need food xD okay byee.


I ended up going camping, it was all I expected it to be. But no sad news, I want to keep it positive. I really need to write a new poem. And I’m so behind in writing my novel……. wow I’m just so behind. Maybe when s***** starts I’ll get back into the swing of things. (s***** is school but during summer I consider that word a swear word haha). Anyways, I need new ideas for a poem, anyone got anything?? I’d love to hear your ideas. If you have read my earlier poems you should know my style. I don’t really do funny poems because I suck at it haha, I’ve never tried a love poem but I could, I’ve done plenty of depressing inspiring poems so I’m good at that. 
Anywayys, I suppose I should talk a bit about s*****. I’m entering tenth grade and I’m kind of nervous. First of all, I may cross paths with Trevor and lets just say that we aren’t friends…. Then there’s Autum, knowing my luck, we’ll be in every class together. I’m also nervous about AP prep. English, I’m so passionate about English stuff but what if I don’t get the teacher I had last year?? Everyone says that if you get Mrs. Develyn then you’re going to be okay, but if you get the other teacher then you have to just drop out…. Also, accelerated Spanish. Again, I’m passionate about Spanish but I’m going to be in a class of eleventh graders, sure I did fin with tenth graders last year but ehhh I’m still nervous and soooo shy. Alrighty, time for the positives as always. Learning!! I love learning haha, I hate the people who ruin classes by not caring though :/ . Also, friends!! I’ve missed my friend soooooo much. And I can get out of this house!! I miss getting dressed up for school each morning. 
Now, if any of you guys would like school advice (or any advice at all) you know what to do. You can email me at adviceateleven@gmail.com or you can leave a comment. I will try to write something new for you guys, I promise.


No Title

Sometimes life just sucks. At the moment my milestone thing says that I will be going camping tomorrow, well it’s wrong. I didn’t really want to go camping in the first place. DOn’t get me wrong here, I love camping, but honestly, my brothers would’ve been off riding there bikes the whole time, my dad and stepmum would’ve done their own thing, and then I’d be left all alone. (Like always). Well tomorrow I have an orthodontist appointment and Wednesday I have voice lessons. My dad made the ortho appointment so he admitted that it was his fault he forgot. However, my voice lessons have been scheduled for three months and I’ve only known about the camping trip for two weeks. My dad says that he has no way to get me to the voice lessons and I should just miss them. Lessons are $60, I can’t reschedule and no refunds. My dad thinks that he can just talk to my teacher and she will understand. However me and my mum have a contract with her and we both know that she does not need to be involved in this and that she will tell my father that we can not reschedule. My father is too freaking pig headed to either understand that I can’t go camping with him or to just leave the campground for two hours to drive and get me then drive back.
He’s not the greatest father, but to be honest my mother isn’t the greatest either. Sigh, it may be a dysfunctional family but I guess It’s my dysfunctional family. Well before I cry or something worse I have to stop thinking about this. I’ve already pulled out some of my hair….. Man sometimes I feel so broken, so messed up. I’m a healthy 14 year old girl with trichotillomania, a tremor in my right hand, chronic migranes, panic and anxiety attacks. Not to mention How often I’m depressed. I guess it could be a good thing that I’m so messed up, because of it I want to help people. I want to make sure people don’t end up like me, broken because of something that they can’t control.

I guess this post is going to be another one about depression. The last time I talked about depression (the post started out with the quote “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”)  I told you guys that I have trichotillomania, and while it’s a disease it’s also a form of self hurt. What I didn’t tell you is that pulling my hair out isn’t the only thing I’ve done. I’ve snapped rubber bands on my wrist until I bled, I gave myself friction burns that would last for days, I’ve starved myself just to feel like I was wasting away, I’ve even dehydrated myself just for the fun of it. Oh yeah and I’ve done my fair share of cutting. No one ever noticed when I did these things to myself. Eventually I told Luke, he helped me stop. Now there is a point to this story, I don’t want you guys to feel bad for me or anything, I just want you to have living, breathing proof that you can overcome anything. I’m still not ready to share what has made me do all those terrible things, but it doesn’t matter. I used to think I had reasons to do that. I thought that my life sucked enough that I had permission to hurt myself. No matter what you’re going through, it’s not okay nor does it help, to harm yourself. There is nothing that you could go through that would make it okay to hurt yourself. Honestly, once you start doing all those things the little things become “bad” enough to hurt yourself. Like at first maybe you say you’re only going to cut this one time because you were picked on today, but then you get picked on again, so you cut again. Eventually, you get so used to running back to the blade that little things seem like they are bad enough to cut over. But nothing is actually bad enough to self harm over. Basic moral of all this, is that self harm just isn’t worth it. There is no reason you should be dragging a knife across your wrist, or sticking your hand in the flames, or skipping meals, or “forgetting” to drink anything that day so you can feel dizzy. You get the point by now I hope, if not, message me. I set up an email for this thing (adviceateleven.gmail.com). And just a reminder, I love you guys
-adviceateleven ❤

Sleep Away Camp

Sleep away camp was……….. SO AWESOME!!!! Haha I had a lot of fun, I made so many friends and had tons of fun. The food was great (vegetarian options!!) the fellow campers were nice (new friends!!) and the counselors were awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was how much I missed Luke. It’s super dorky but, I thought about him all the time. It hurt to be away from him. Yeahhh I guess I’m a little clingy but whatever. 
I have not talked about music in forever, and if you’ve noticed my latest milestone, I’m going camping soon. So before I go away again, I’m gonna fill you in on what my playlist consists of at the moment. Lately I have been obsessed with Birdy. Some of my favorite songs from her are Shelter, Skinny Love, People Help the People, and 1901. Okay, so another artist that i think deserves mentioning is Elena Siegman. All you Xbox nerds know her, even if you don’t recognize the name. She sings many hidden songs in the Nazi Zombies maps in Call of Duty. (If somehow I messed the info up sorry, I’m not exactly an Xbox junkie). You might recognize some of her songs like, 115, The One, Beauty of Annihilation, and Lullaby of a Dead Man. I’ve been trying to learn to sing some of her songs because well it’s really nerdy but I would really want to sing a song for a popular video game. Not just any song though, a hidden song. Like to unlock the song you would have to do some crazy thing in the game that no one would expect unlocks a song. Besides Elena Siegman songs are like creepy and sexy at the same time, it’s awesome. Alright, I’ll only mention one more artist (I could go on forever when it comes to music) and because I’ve already talked about two female singers, I’ll talk about a male group. Three Days Grace, they rock. Haha sorry I’m not listing any songs.
Hmmm, so I really need to plan out what I’m going to  write before I start writing it…. that would be smart. Okay so because I cannot, for the life of me, think of anything else to say, I’m going to say goodbye (I may or may not post again before I go camping)


Alright guys, this is it. I’m going to sleep away camp and I won’t be able to blog for some time. I’ll be gone at camp for a week, then I come home for 2 days, (So maybe I’ll blog then) and lastly I’m going camping for a week with my dad…… yeah wish me luck. 

Okay so lately I’ve been going into chat rooms and mentioning my blog, people seem to like it so far. I really want to get the word out about this blog, it’s so important to me. I’ve gained a few followers and omigosh that’s so cool haha. (To all my followers you guys are like the best people on this planet) Yeah I sound a little desperate but haha who cares?? 

In other news (this is long overdue) I just wanted to announce that Luke and I are dating. He is my best friend and my boyfriend and I’m so lucky to have him. I never want to lose him even if we end up just being friends. (but I hope we always stay more than friends haha) 

Anyways, I gotta go, I love you guys!!!! Stay awesome,



Okay, I’ve already posted something today, but I’m extremely depressed right now, so I need something to distract me. I haven’t posted a poem in a while, so I guess that’s what I’ll do. This poem is a very rough draft, so please no hate, but any ideas and what not would be appreciated. the poem is called Soar.


I am a bird

Don’t cage me,

Clip my wings,

Cut my beak

So I can’t sing

Broken winged

I fight

For my life

For my right

To take flight

To one day join my flock

To stop the clock

Because I don’t have time

I don’t have freedom

I have wonder

My feathers black and dull

Are as beautiful as my chime

The tune I croon

Bittersweet and sorrowful

Cry till I smile

Sing till I drop

Wake and sleep

Sleep and wake

Until I just sleep

When my wing heals

And I find flight

No one can stop me

From facing judgement



What is time to me

But wasted

Wasted on you

Wasted on the meaningless beauty

That we praise

 Wasted on the silky oil

Consuming me

Whispering how

I can’t change

How I don’t fit

In the silver box

My friends worship

And my foes reside

Where I live I wake to water

Clear and pure

Gentle hands cleansing

My wounded heart

With its wobbling beat

Barely pumping

In its wake

The liquid crystal leaves me

The real me

Black veil pulled back

Camouflaged in color

Shattered in pieces

But breathing


But beautiful

Maybe its not today

Maybe I have time

Just look how I shine

In this moment

I am timeless

I’ll never go out of style

So I guess I’ll stay

But only for a while

I’ve got other places to be

Alright, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this poem. Bye.


Stage Combat

Okayyy so as you may or may not know depending on whether or not you’ve read my older posts, I have been taking stage combat classes. Well, the classes are um greaaaat…… Okay it kinda sucks. The teacher is a creep. It’s a girl but it took me two days to figure out that she’s a girl….. The kids well, there are four girls, including me, and then the rest are guys. Hyperactive, 12 year old boys. Yeah, hyper boys + fighting = chaos. However, every cloud has a silver lining and the four girls got together and we’re doing a skit. James Bond & Chuck Norris vs. two sexy villains w/ two hostages & idiot  guard. Yep our skit is the best. It started with just me and this girl Rebecca, but then Alexandra and Gianna came up with the idea to do a tag team fight scene. Alexandra is Bond, Gianna is Norris, and Rebecca and I are the sexy villains. That was all, it was just going to be us four, however, why would Norris and Bond team up just to randomly fight two girls?? So we included one of the other counselors (who happens to be extremely cute, bonus) as our hostage. So, after practicing a lot, we were finished, however, this kid named Justin was looking all sad. So me being me had to go see what was wrong. Turns out Justin’s partner Aaron decided not to do a skit. Of course me being me hated to see this because its happened to me. So I told him to be in our skit as another hostage. After a little adjusting our skit was great, but in walks Aaron and he mentions how awesome our skit is and how he doesn’t have a partner….. Of course me being me finds a small part for him. That’s how my two person fight scene became a five person all out battle scene.

The scene begins with Rebecca and I interrogating the hostages. After slapping them around we hear a knock on the door. I ask who’s there and Bond replies, “Dominos.” I ask if Rebecca ordered pizza but she hasn’t. Next Bond asks, “who ordered the pepperoni,” and Norris says, “with two slices of justice.” Norris kicks through the wall and begins to fight Rebecca while I take on Bond. I get knocked down and so does Norris. Then Rebecca goes after Bond while I get up and take on Norris. Rebecca and I both lose. Norris and Bond free the hostages only for one to steal Bond’s suitcase and hit him with it. The other hostage laughs, but Bond knocks him down. Lastly the two heroes go after the hostage with the briefcase.

I didn’t go into detail all the fight moves, but it looks awesome. Okay, well I really have to go, my mum’s a little pissed off at the moment.


Classes, Take 2

Okayyy so for those who have read some of my earliest posts, you may remember when I took classes during the summer a few years ago. I took Asian fashion classes and short story classes. Well, now I’m going back again. This time I’m taking stage combat classes!! For you who don’t know, I love acting. Sometimes in plays and movies you see two characters fight. That’s what stage combat is. It’s hitting, kicking, pinching, choking, pulling hair, stabbing, and oh so much more without actually hurting the person. Usually you don’t even touch the person. I’ve taken stage combat classes before; however these classes were shorter and taught by my middle school drama teacher. (She also happened to be my Spanish teacher.)  The classes I’m taking are at a collage and I can not wait. It’s going to be so fun…….. I hope. 

Of course there are the jitters and butterflies. The other kids won’t like me, I’ll actually hit someone, I’ll get made fun of, I’ll get hit. Yepp that’s just a few of the fun thoughts flying around in my head. My trick to overcome some of these thoughts, I don’t be me. It sounds weird but I’m an actress. So I just act like someone confident, or flirty or cunning. I can be whoever I want. Now there’s always a chance that someone I know will be there. In that case I be my shy, mousey self. However, I have a plan B. I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and some-what confident. I also do my hair and makeup in ways that I like a lot. 
I should tell you guys to be yourself. I should say that if you be 100% yourself, you won’t get made fun of. But I’m a teen, and I’ve been bullied for most of my life, so I know that sometimes, being yourself doesn’t work all that great. Some people don’t care if they be themself and people don’t like them. I’m so jealous of the people who don’t care. However, I do care, so I fake confidence. 

Some people don’t agree with the whole fake confidence thing, but it works for me so. Anywayssss, I don’t feel like writing anymore soooooo,



Okay so I’ve been thinking about the future a lot lately. Specifically I’ve been doing a great deal of research on collage. Collage looks scary, extremely scary. I even took this quiz on what collage would be best for me. (I’ll post a link for the quiz at the bottom of this post) The top three collages for me are 1.) University of Oregon 2.) University of California- Berkeley 3.) University of California- Los Angeles. I’ve been looking at the websites for those collages and I honestly think Berkeley is the best for me. I’m so serious about looking for collage that I told my mum about the quiz and my results. She told me that Berkeley sounds like a perfect match for me. However, we don’t live in California, and California residents pay a significantly less amount of tuition. My mum was even talking about moving me to California 6 months before graduation so we can get the discount. So now you can kinda see why I’m scared about collage. I mean moving?? I don’t want to move before I graduate. Well, don’t let my story scare you. Go to your school counselor for help with collage, that’s their job. From now on, I’m going let my counselor help me. And just a piece of advice, do not look at collage websites alone. Collage websites make me dizzy. Well, that’s about all I wanted to say for now until next time,

New Stuff

Okay, I’m going to put myself out there. Close my eyes and really take a leap of faith. What I’m going to do could either be steroids to my confidence or be another wrecking ball hurtling towards the torn and shredded self esteem left in me. Alright so I’m being a wee bit melo-dramatic. All I’m really going to do is add tags to my posts. I hope that by adding tags, my blog posts will pop up on like search engines and what not. You know you type in, tags, and there this post is.

Anyways, I’m in a good mood. It may be late at night, I may be surrounded by crumpled and crushed kleenex due to my allergies to who knows what, and yeah I may have just been bawling my eyes out (no doubt I’ll be paying for that when I wake up with red, puffy eyes). However I have not let the current circumstances put a damper on my mood. Yup, it’s all sunshine, unicorns, and pretty music. (Plus I still got my sense of humor!!) So due to my blissful temperament I’m going to update you guys on the good in my life at the moment.

So, the sunshine I would say is this song I’ve been listening to. It also happeneds to be the cause of my uncontrollable crying. This song is pretty old, but regardless of its age I intend to learn how to sing this song, and I have been practicing for days. Lovely by Sara Haze is this song that I am head over heels for. Its meaning is simply put yet beautifully said with a cascading voice and soft piano tones. I’m absolutely enchanted by this song.

Next, the unicorns. Which would also be yet another reason for my tears. I’m starting some summer acting classes at a collage close by. I’m so excited, yet it means I will have to give up time well spent with my friends. Also, the next week I’m going to a sleep away camp. No phone, computer, or friends.

Ah the pretty music (I guess this one should be the song but whatever, it’s my blog I do what I want haha). The pretty music would have to be Luke. He makes me happy and he happens to be the reason the bawling stopped. Who would have thought one smile he put on my face could turn around my night completely?? I sure didn’t. I don’t know how he does it, he makes my heart feel like it’s having helium pumped into it and any second my body will join my head in the clouds. Of course it isn’t always picnics on cloud nine. Every once in a blue moon we disagree, and we get depressed, and I fear he will realize that there’s no way in this universe I will ever be good enough for him. How he puts up with me, is a mystery I’ll probably never solve, and one I don’t think I want to solve.

Dang, do I sound like a lovesick puppy or what???????? Actually can I be a lovesick kitten?? I think they’re cuter haha. (I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t read this post…. I sound so girly and eh needy, ehhhh my good mood’s gone I’m seriously considering deleting this entire post and just crying again. No, I said I would put myself out there, well world here I am) Okay so now that my pep talk to myself is over I will get to the meaning of this post. Basically there’s so much freaking bad in this world of ours. Crying, allergies, divorce, poverty, starvation, death. But man, just look at the wondrous good as well. Music, education, a smile when it seems as though you’ll never experience anything other than a frown ever again. Yeah, there’s a heck of a lot of bad, but the good is worth sticking around for, trust me.

-adviceateleven ❤

Stuff You Probably Don’t Want To Talk About

Okayyyy, well this post was bound to happen. Ehhh I kinda don’t want to write this but I have to. I know it’s tempting, I know everyone does it, but drugs are a no no. I’m not going to lecture you guys, but seriously drugs are a big issue. 

Let’s start with weed, pot, mary jane, whatever the heck you want to call it. Everyone says that weed won’t hurt you, you don’t hallucinate, it’s not addictive. Actually, not much is known about it yet. Many studies are showing sings that it can cause cancer. (Then again what doesn’t cause cancer??) Still don’t thing weed is worth avoiding?? Well, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I knew this girl who smoked. Not just ciggerates, she smoked weed. Her sister does it, her friends do it, she knew people who sold it soooo why shouldn’t she do it?? She smoked before school, after school, before bed. She didn’t get very affected by it, no buzz just a calming sensation, or so she said. This girl, isn’t me. (Just saying) Anywayys, this girl happens to be my cousin Ava. For a while Ava lived with us, because her mom kicked her out. (Her mom smelt weed in the garage, freaked out, and Ava ended up at our house.) Well, Ava tried to get me to smoke, of course I said no, but Ava has helped me so much and I’ve lied for her before. So when she showed me a bag of weed, told me to smell it, then see if I smelled that smell anywhere else in the house, I did it. One night my mom went to a party, the kind where she wouldn’t be home for a while, and when she did get home, she’d be a little tipsy. Anyway, Ava asked if she could invite a friend to spend the night. Her name is Jessica, and she also smokes. Well of course they wasted no time getting high, and they got very high. Jessica came to our house already a little high and she left Ava’s bedroom door open…. while they were smoking. Well the smoke traveled to my room and I got high. It wasn’t fun. I was so scared and paranoid. I laughed just to follow my cousins lead, but I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t and it’s not something I like to remember. So just saying, being high isn’t as fun as you’d think.

Other drugs are dangerous too. Heroine, meth, cocaine, none of it is “safe.” Also, alcohol can be dangerous if you consume too much. Anyways, I’m not judging. I have friends who do drugs (I try to convince them to stop, but I don’t judge) So I’m not going to judge anyone, I’m just saying that it’s not good for you. But it’s your life.


By Adviceateleven

One can love many, but can only be in love with one.

Have you ever just been in a good mood?? Well I’m in a pretty good mood at the moment. I’m listening to some good music, talking to some awesome people, and it’s late at night. So because I’m in such a good mood, and because I’m leaving tomorrow I’m going do a quote thingy.

Okay, lately I’ve been debating the difference between love and being in love. I love writing, I love dresses, I love making people smile, I love my friends. I love a lot of things. However, you don’t hear many people say that they’re in love with pizza, or that they’re in love with their mum. That’s because being in love is an incredible thing. It’s different for everyone, but it’s also the same. I believe that everyone has a match out there, a soulmate, a significant other. Some people would say that this idea is crazy or stupid, but to a daydreaming 14 year old girl, this idea is like a beacon of light in a world populated by shadows. Sometimes, right before I go to bed, I try to imagine my wedding, I try to imagine laying down every night beside the man I am completely in love with, I try to imagine growing old with someone who is as in love with me as I am with them. Yes, I’m a total daydreamer. Call me crazy (a lot of people do) but I’d like to believe that there is a person that I belong with. I’d like to believe that there is someone for everyone to belong with. A lot of people love to rain on my parade and say that there is no love, that there’s always something else that people are really attracted to. Looks, money, talent, sex. These are things that should be icing on the cake. They shouldn’t be the only reason someone is with a person. I guess I’m just old fashioned to think that true love exists. But I don’t care what people say. I say that love is real, and that being in love with a person is more important than the superficial things that cloud the minds of twenty-first century couples. 

Anyway, I should wrap this up before I break out into a spontaneous love song XD

-adviceateleven <3333333333

One can love ma…

By Adviceateleven

Poetry Slam

The poetry slam was awesome. That’s pretty much all haha, not too much really happened. It was fun and a great experience.

Well, there isn’t too much I want to talk about…… I need to start planning what I’m going to write before I write it. Hmmm I guess I’ll talk about what’s happening right this second.

I’m just sitting here with my hot chocolate, because I’m not ashamed to drink hot chocolate in the summer. I’ve been wanting to update my blog for a few days now, but I just didn’t know what to write about (I still don’t know!!). I’m not depressed for once, I guess it really is the simple things. Hot chocolate in summer, watching cartoons all day in my pajamas, spending time alone, snuggling in the covers. Things that just put me in an okay mood. A mood where everything seems okay. Ehhhh maybe I’m crazy haha. Aren’t we all a little crazy though?? No one is perfect, we’re all a little wacky at times. Anywayyyyyy, now that I’ve updated I better go before I start ranting about unicorns and rainbows 😉 haha yepp I’m in a wacky mood, but whatever.

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven

Family Stuff

Hi guys, it’s been way too long; I is sorry. Honestly, I’ve been dealing with a lot lately. Okay so things with my family have gotten, difficult to say the least. My parents are divorced (I can’t remember if I already told you that or not) and well things. 

I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you guys about the family things, but it’s just too hard. I’m sorry. 

Anyway, if you’re dealing with family issues it’s never easy. Whether your mum just doesn’t appreciate your style, or your dad doesn’t get your obsession with technology, family issues are not cool. If you can’t get along with your parents it makes things difficult. Sometimes you just have to let your parents believe they are right, even if they aren’t. If it’s something stupid like where to go to dinner, just let them win. If it’s something like them telling you that you have to take wood tech. instead of music, well you should get a say in your life. Fight for your life, without fighting. How can I do that?!?! You might ask, well your answer is not to scream at them or use your fists, you have to show them that music classes are important to you and that they could help you. Gather the facts, if 9 out of 10 music students graduate and go on to college, make sure they know that. However, do not make up facts. Do not tell them that 10 out of 10 music students get into an ivy league school if it isn’t true. They will most likely check your facts and if you lied you’re screwed. 

Alright, some kids don’t have the luxury of dealing with bickering with their parents. They deal with CPS and courtrooms. CPS stands for Child Protective Services, if you’ve ever had to deal with them, it’s never fun. Yes, I have had CPS come and investigate, very recently actually. I’m telling you right now that it is not that bad. The CPS people sincerely care about your well being. They aren’t intimidating, they ask some questions and you just have to tell them the truth. That’s all there is to it. Now for those of you dealing with court things, I too am going through some court things with my parents at the moment. I’m not ready to talk about my issues right now though. Anywaysssss, I found out that I have my own law gaurdian and I talked to him. He actually didn’t help too much because he wasn’t a big fan of my mum, but basically what happened is he said “Okay I’m going to say that (blah blah blah) are you okay with that?? Any changes??” And then we talked about ice cream, TV, Broadway, and the Peace Corps. It was not that bad, and he told me that I do not need to go to court in fact he doesn’t want me to go. So you see, it’s not that bad. I am here for you, remember that. Also, remember that life goes on. 

That’s all for now folks,

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


Heyy guys, it’s me again. I am a little discouraged I’ll admit. No one really reads my blog :/ . It saddens me so, but I’ll just deal, I never really expected for this to be a popular thing. Anyways on to the update. There is no chance for me and Trevor to ever be friends “If two people can stay friends after a relationship they either never loved each other, or they never stopped” And I guess it was the first because he is down right hostile around me. It sucks yeah but I’ll deal. I still have my friends, especially Lucas. He really is the best friend I’ve ever had. I guess I’m still looking for what every girl needs, a best friend, a guy friend, and a boyfriend (if a guy is all three he is one lucky guy) I know I’ve said that quote before but it’s one of my favorite quotes about love so. Eh I’ll probably just end up with a cat and a library card as my life when I’m older. I think I need to get off the heavy topics for a little bit. I want to talk about the future again. Peace corps of course is my goal, but I when I get back from where ever I end up stationed, I really want a black cat named Mister. It’s like a dream of mine haha. I want to become a teacher too, either an ESL (English Second Language) teacher or an English teacher, I haven’t decided yet. I want a nice house, not too big, but I do want a big lawn and a garden.

I want a husband who will kiss me when he comes home from work, and who will give me a single rose over a giant bouquet, and who will hold me when we sleep, and who will wake up every morning happy to be beside me. He’d get jealous, and it would be adorable, he would hold my hand in public because he wants everyone to know that he’s proud of our love. My perfect guy wants kids, not many, maybe 2, and he’s old fashioned; a man that still believes in holding open a door for a lady and being polite. He loves the stars and the moon, maybe he’s not great with words but he doesn’t need flowery words to show he loves me, he wants to prove it subtly. He’d stay up all night with me and wouldn’t be angry if I fell asleep, he’d think it was cute that I fell asleep because I didn’t want to stop talking to him. He’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t want or expect him to be. He’s not perfect, but he is real. I know he is.

Maybe I haven’t met him yet….. or maybe I have. I don’t deserve a guy like that, but he must never sleep (supposedly when you can’t sleep it’s because someone is thinking about you) because I think about him, a lot, like all the time.

I’m a hopeless romantic and very cliche I know haha. That’s just who I am though, and I will most likely always be that. I just wonder if anyone stays up at night thinking that they want a short girl  who cares about people even when they treat her like trash, who can’t stand to see sad animals, who stares at the stars and obsesses over new books and music, A girl who is insecure, who is shy, who is broken, who is scared and scarred, who is completely imperfect, who doesn’t go with the status quo, who needs a hug now and then, who is always tired, who has a hard time seeing herself the way other people see her, who squeaks, who dreams, who loves, who has flaws, who has been through a lot and will have more hard times, who will love them unconditionally, who will be loyal and respect them, who believes that couples should be together to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as they both shall live.

I wonder if there’s a guy out there, dreaming about a girl like me….


Well that’s enough for now,

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


Yes, I am single. No, he did not take it well. I called him, and told him he’d been pretty rude and insensitive to me and that I wanted a break. He kept trying to talk me out of it, telling me to think about it. I told him I had been thinking about it, for days. I told him I had to deal with my pain before I could deal with our pain. It hurt like hell, I stuttered, I was shaking, I was crying, and I lost some hair. However, it needed to be done. I couldn’t hold on to the pain. I was the only one trying, he tried but he tried too hard, he pushed me away. He hurt me, a lot and that’s not right, our relationship caused others pain too. Trevors friends hated seeing him jealous and depressed, they hated it so much that they started threatening Luke. The some other people were threatening Trevor and it just wasn’t good. I’m a very closed person, so most of my friends didn’t even know I was upset, but the ones that did hated seeing me depressed, it made them depressed too. All in all, the relationship wasn’t worth all the hurt. It was for the better. “If you love something let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be.”  He wouldn’t let me go, he loved me, but not enough to realize he needed to let me go. I hope me and Trevor stay friends, I really do.

Okay, all the “Team Luke” fans out there (I’m a big Twilight fan so it’s a silly joke) I don’t know what I’m going to do about my feelings for him. I like him, alot, but I’ve liked guys before….. not quite like this but you know what I mean. Besides, I want to stay single for a bit, I don’t want more drama, I don’t want people saying “Oh she’s a whore, she dumped Trevor for Luke” I don’t need the stress either. I just need good friends, and to learn to deal with my pain, before I try to deal with others pain. Thanks for listening, I’m sorry I didn’t give any real advice in this post, but maybe you can find some help or comfort in my story.


By Adviceateleven

Relationship Update

Okay, so here’s the update on Trevor. Luke, and me. So far I’m still with Trevor, and I’m still thinking of breaking up with him. I’m not sure how I’m going to break up with him. Text message is downright cruel, so that’s out of the question. Phone call is better, but what if he hangs up before I can tell him everything?? In person……. Trevor is very emotional, he’ll no doubt start crying and I don’t know if I can deal with that. 

Alright I guess I haven’t really told you why I think I want to break up with him. He likes to joke a lot, his jokes are extremely offensive and rarely funny. When he jokes with people he can be really mean, he’s gone as far as to call me ugly, filthy, stupid, and more. I never tell him just how much it hurts. When  I or anyone tries to joke with him well…. he gets very upset, he takes it too literal even though we always laugh with him and say “just kidding” or “you know we don’t mean that you’re awesome” he still says everyone is mean to him and everyone hates him. He tells me I should know how sensitive he is, and I tell him not to dish out what he can’t take back. Why should he be a loud to be terrible to me, but when someone says anything to him it means the world is against him?? Also, he’s too cocky he feels the need to teach everyone and to prove them wrong. He likes to make sure they know that they’re wrong and he’s right. Then he rubs it in their face, no matter if his explanation makes sense or not. Not everything about Trevor is bad, he’s a great guy, I just don’t think he’s my guy. I used to think that though. I could imagine us growing old together and having kids and being happy, but now I’ve seen that although I try to work on my flaws, he’s only getting worse. A relationship is a two way street, it can’t work if only I’m trying. Now when I try to envision the future all I see is me joining the Peace Corp. Yes that is my new plan, but I can talk about that later. 

Sighhhh, time to talk about the inevitable. Luke. Well Luke is….. I don’t know exactly what it is about him, but whether or not we end up together, I never want to lose him. He is my best friend. “Every girl needs a best friend, a guy friend, and a boyfriend; a guy is lucky if he’s all three.” I guess this is what I want, a love like that. Yes I’m 14. Yes talk of “love” is incredibly stupid and irrational at this age. However, I was born 35, I get more middle aged every year. (Silly joke in-case you couldn’t tell) I get more and more depressed as I write this, so I’m going to switch topics. I will update again soon on the Trevor and Luke thing I promise.

Okay, I was going to write about this another time, but I need something to make me happy. I’ve been thinking about the Peace Corps for weeks now and I’m 99% sure it’s what I want to do. Helping people is what I believe I was put in this earth for, it’s one of my passions, it’s made me the person I am today, it’s who I am. Peace Corp would be an amazing opportunity because I could teach in a third world country then come back home after making a difference (hopefully become a teacher) and have real life examples to use in my teaching. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I believe in God (not any certain religion, God is God to me, it doesn’t matter if I call myself Christian or Catholic or Methodist or Lutheran or whatever) Any I feel like God is calling me to join the Peace Corp. (I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve pray to Him a lot and I just… sighhh Atheists and people of other Religions won’t get it, but it’s what I feel He’s put in my heart) Alright, before I go too religious on you guys (cough Luke cough (inside thing for those of you who aren’t Luke haha)) I better end this looooong post

adviceateleven </3

By Adviceateleven

Relationship Problems </3

Cliche?? Very. However, it is time I advise about relationship issues. Why you may say, well yes Trevor and I are having relationship issues 😦 . Well turns out Luke does like me as more than a friend, and Trevor found out because Luke trusted the wrong person. Anyways, Trevor now hates when Luke and I hang out. He gets mad, he gets depressed, and he’s just downright unpleasant to be around. The rumors have gotten worse. But the worst part is, I like Luke as more than a friend too. It’s terrible and I’m a terrible person because of it. I saw a quote once “If you fall in love with two people, go for the second because if you truly loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” Only, I’m afraid to give up the good for the great. What if the “great” isn’t what I thought it would be?? Anyways enough about me, this site is for you guys. If you like two guys (or girls), follow your heart. If that doesn’t work, don’t go after either just be single for awhile. The one you can’t live without the most is the one you should pursue. 
Sigh, I know that I probably won’t take my own advice, but don’t be stupid like me. Take my advice. If things don’t work out then they are too stupid to see your awesomeness or they aren’t the right person. You have your whole life to find love. You don’t need to find “the one” as a teenager. Not having a girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t make you a loser, it just means you haven’t found love yet and that’s okay lots of people haven’t. You will one day, I promise. Just make sure that when you do find them be patient, maybe they haven’t realized that you’re “the one” yet. Give them time. It will work out in the end.
Anyways enough mushy gushy stuff, I’m not exactly in an “inspired mood” so I’m gonna end this before I goof up what I’m trying to h-say haha,

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven

New Poetry!!

Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve given you guys a new poem (not really haha). Anyways, this poem is very personal all my poems are but whatever) and I hope you like it. If you don’t that’s okay, but I’m kinda putting my heart out for you to see with my poetry so no hate <3. Alrighty here goes nothing.


I’m hiding my heart

So you don’t see my scars

I sit alone

Wishing I could tell

I’m hiding my soul
So you don’t know

You think you know me

I’m hiding my mind

So it doesn’t scare you

I think too much

Is that okay??

I’m hiding me

So I can be free

Around you I’m caged 

And you hold the key

Don’t look at me

Okay well that’s the poem. I hope you like it because I worked hard on it. I really hope you can somehow relate to it and find some comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Remember I’m always here for you guys. I love you!!!!! Haha anyways I think I should add something wise-ish in this post sooooo…… life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Make the most of life, you only get one life don’t waste it. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not telling you to sleep with a million guys or do drugs or get arrested cuz yolo. No yolo (You Only Live Once) shouldn’t be a reason to be an idiot, it should be the reason you live your life for others, it should be why you strive to be your best not for anyone else but for you. Yolo should be the reason you volunteer your time, why you study, why you want to live right. People ask me why I get so excited to volunteer while most kids get excited to get a new video game or play sports. Well when I do something for someone else and I make a difference it’s reward enough, I’m not saying I’m perfect be more like me, what I’m saying is try to be a better person, leave a beautiful tattoo on the world instead of an scar.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be such a long post, but I got talking about something important to me so it happened. Alrighty time to end this post 🙂


By Adviceateleven

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
-T. S. Elliot (1888-1965)

Okay so lately I’ve been having some rough times. I admit, I’ve broken down quite a few times the past month or so. I feel worn out, I feel done. I say I’m done caring, but I’ve said that before, I just can’t help caring about people who don’t care about me :/ Anyway I’ve had some family things happen recently….. I’ll be the first to tell you that my family is far from perfect. I guess you could say I come from a broken family but……. it seems like I’m the only broken one. I’ve also had the Autum thing, and some other friend issues. Not to mention I have a condition called trichotillomania, it’s pronounced trickotillomania. Some of you may know what that means, but most won’t. It’s a disease caused from stress where you literally pull out your hair. 

Yes, I pull out my hair. It’s not that bad though it’s only a slight thing for me. I don’t do it often, but usually I don’t even know when i’m pulling out my hair. I’m good at hiding bald spots though. I have three small ones. 

This post may be one of my most depressing, but the quote has a point. I have been to the point of giving up. I have been to the point where you’re ready to end everything, but I’ve been put on a new coarse now. I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’m going to keep going, even though it feels like I can’t go any further I am going to keep moving until i have found out how far one can go. 

Sighhhhhh I didn’t really have any advice to give at the beginning of this post, but I have decided what I will say now. Self harm. Yes pulling out my hair is considered self harm even though it’s a disease and I don’t really have control over it. Anyway back to the point, I know what it’s like to want the numbness, to crave a minute of relief, something just to forget everything. However I’m not say go hurt yourself it helps. Because I will not lie, sometimes it helps, but then it doesn’t. You feel guilty, you worry about marks (scars, bald spots, burns), you think about what everyone would think if they ever found out. It hurts more after. Can I tell you a secret?? I love you. Each and everyone of you reading this. I love you and you are strong and beautiful and courageous. I am challenging you to find out how far you can go. See how long you can be yourself and not care what other people say or think. Not care if you feel like a toy being pulled back and forth between parents. Not care if you fail a million times because if you stop trying you never know if your 1,000,000,001 try would’ve been the time you succeed. You are important, you matter to me even if you matter to no one else. Comment or message me or whatever I’m here for you guys. And I always will be. 

Okay now I want to give you guys something. *hugs* (Hugs help more than most people know) So another piece of advice, when someone is crying or not okay, sometimes you shouldn’t talk you should just hug them. On that note,

-adviceateleven *Hugs*

“Only those who…

By Adviceateleven


Yes even the quiet, mouse like writer has to deal with drama, especially if she wants to shine one day. Remember Autum?? Well she’s not the person I thought she was, she has been spreading endless rumors about Trevor, Luke, and me. Just because Luke is my friend and we hang out apparently I’m cheating on Trevor. Luke knows it’s not true, I know it’s not true, even Trevor knows the truth, but Autum continues to spread the rumors. It has gotten pretty bad, a lot of people shun me now, people I thought were my friends. I guess it’s easier to trust the person everyone feels bad for. I’ll admit Autum has it pretty bad herself, her life isn’t rainbows and sunshine, however she doesn’t understand that mine isn’t either. I have some rough things going on when I’m in school and even when I’m out of school. Truth is, everyone does.

Okay I know we all know an “Autum” someone who you thought you could trust, but they really jut wanted your pity. What do you do about your Autum?? Ignore them, if for you that doesn’t work like it didn’t for me, you may need to confront them. If this is the case make sure you tell a friend so you aren’t alone, this friend does not need to be involved, they just need to support you. Okay so if what happens to me happens to you, and the “Autum” gets out a mouthful but doesn’t let you say a word, just be done with it. I don’t mean ignore them, I mean delete them from your life kinda. Don’t say hi in the halls, don’t be rude but just keep walking. Don’t sit with them at lunch, don’t listen to the rumors, block them on Facebook and other social media sites. Basically start anew. If that doesn’t work well…. I think I will find out soon enough. I have delt with Autum since sixth grade, and I was never able to get her to stop being a “must have center of attention” girl, and I couldn’t get rid of her either. She always came back somehow and me being meek and shy and un-confident I let her walk all over me. This time I have people on my side, real friends who really care. So although I think I will have one more round with Autum, I believe soon I will be free to be me, and because of this one day, maybe not soon, but one day I will be a better, stronger person. That’s what counts.

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


Beautiful, Cloudy, and Interesting. Those are the three words i would use to describe Seattle. Beautiful because no matter where you went there was a view to die for. On top the space needle you can see the whole city. I also went to a place called Alki Beach and the view there was gorgeous. While at Alki Beach I saw a baby seal, and he was being protected by people so i couldn’t get too close however I did get to name him!! Spencer the seal after Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds the best show ever. 

Okay next cloudy. Seattle is famous for a few things. Twilight is set in Forks a place right by Seattle, Fifty Shades Of Gray is also set in Seattle, it’s famous for salmon, and lastly RAIN!! Only it doesn’t rain that much in Seattle, it’s just always misty and sprinkling rain. But yes, it is perpetually cloudy there.

Finally interesting. In Seattle there are two most interesting you have to see this kind of things. First is the EMP which I forgot what EMP means but basically it is a music/video game/sci-fi museum and it is amazing!! It’s primarily music especially rock and roll. They had a room with all these insterments and computers to teach you how to play, they even had rooms where you could record a demo!! If you want they onstage experience they’ve got that too. Next video games, imagine a room that has every single video gaming system right down to the very first. Not possible you say?? Very possible at the EMP. Lastly sci-fi, unfortunetly I hadn’t enough time to check out that section, but go check it out for yourself.

The second most interesting thing in my opinion in Seattle is the Pike Place Market Center. No this market isn’t the one you avoid when your mum says you’re going grocery shopping, this market has all sorts of stuff. The bakery treats are to die for, they have fresh fish and vegtables and fruit every day, incredible photographs of the city, and some great finds. I found hair things, paper lanterns, metal sculptures, tiles, crafts, and even cardboard cut outs of One Direction…….. So basically there’s something for everyone haha. 

Okay now I decided to share one story and that story is my returning home story. So when I got off the plane at midnight guess who was waiting for me?? Sleepily holding flowers was my loving boyfriend. I had missed him the entire trip and i guess he missed me too. It was so sweet, I felt like I was in a movie when he came up and hugged me then gave me flowers. He is always making me smile in little (or in this case big) ways. I’m so lucky to have him ❤

-adviceateleven 😀

By Adviceateleven

Everyone’s a Critic

Okay, so I showed my blog to one of my friends (I know, my identity is supposed to be secret!! but I lets it slip that I have a blog so) Anyway, it was one of my best guy friends Luke. He said “kool” when I asked him what he thought of it. Then, me being me, had to ask “what do you like about it??” and he said “I didn’t actually like it, I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” SO of course I said some choic words that weren’t so nice, then I said I was sorry and it was all okay. Because honestly, I don’t wake up every morning just to impress anyone but me. I never usually impress myself, I don’t really have good self esteem (or any at all…..), but I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me or my blog because it’s for me.

Yes I write for you guys, but this is mostly for me. I love to help people, and I love to vent without really telling anyone. I also love to write, That’s why I share my poems. (By the way he liked the poems at least 😀 ) Even if he didn’t I wouldn’t be mad at him, this is for me. This blog is me, putting myself out there, no hiding, no lies, no avoiding the truth, 100% me.

So I’m not mad at Luke, but it would feel nice to get this out……. @*%&.

Hey, even good girls get mad xD. Alright, thanks for listening,

-Adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


Alright I know, I’ve been neglecting you guys, but I’m back!! No, I’m not sick that’s just the title of my newest poem!! Yepp it’s poetry time yet again. Sorry about the back to back poems, maybe I’ll have to do a normal post later to make it up to you 😉 


My head is spinning

I feel sick

There’s no winning

Stop this trick

There is no fixing me

This isn’t over

I’m broken can’t you see

I’ve lost my lucky clover

The words are in my mind

It’s too late

I tried to be kind

You stole my fate

This has to stop 

You’ve had your pick

You came out on top

You are sick

By Adviceateleven


         Okay, it’s poetry time again!! I wrote something new (actually I’m always writing but I can’t share it all with you haha). So, I really hope you like it, it’s about some issues I’m going through right now. I hope you can relate, or you can appreciate.


I’m looking out from the inside

This dainty glass box

Is my prison cell

It looks so strong

It is so weak

I’m looking out from the inside

The surface is a carnival mirior

Outside I look happy

Inside I am dying 

I’m looking out from the inside

No on dares try and save me

No one knows

I’m looking out from the inside

And slowly fading into a memory

I’m looking out from the inside

By Adviceateleven

Advice At Fourteen

I know I know, I already posted something today, but I’m very behind i posting, so I’m trying to catch up. You might have seen on my past countdown that I am now fourteen. It doesn’t feel much different from thirteen. Okay so an update about myself, I have recently gotten some new friends (got to love how the high school seperates you from your friends) but I’m still really close with my old friends. Because I don’t see my friends as much in school we see each other more out of school!! Which means more mall trips, bowling adventures, and sleepovers!! Not only did I get more friends I got a boyfriend. His name is Trevor and he’s sooooo sweet. Haha but just because I have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I should just drop all my friends though. You have to keep a balanced social life. That’s why I have girl friends, sisters, guy friends, and a boyfriend. Having different kind of friends adds some flavor to your life. My girl friends are the girls that I stand with in the hallway, sit with at lunch, text all the time, talk about boys with and the list goes on, but they aren’t the people I run to when I need to talk or cry or scream. Nope, that’s my sisters. Spencer, Casey, Julie these are the girls I hang out with constantly. I trust them with my life, and I would take a bullet for them. They skip through the halls with me, come over for dinner, talk to all the time, obsess over boy with 😀 yes they are the strangest people I know and I still love them. My guy friends are the ones who I’ll talk to until 1:00am just because they don’t want to sleep, they obsess over video games and art, they laugh sometimes for no reason other than to get me to laugh, they are sweet even though they try to be tough, and it’s nice to have them because they are awesome lol. Now for the boyfriend, he’s great and he loves to make me smile. I can trust him to be serious when I need it but other wise he’s the funniest person alive. Trevor has made me so happy, but I’m not going to drop my friends for him and I don’t expect him to do that either. If and when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend make sure you guys talk to each other and if they think you should just drop your friends, you may need to drop him/her. Comment me you friend or boyfriend/girlfriend problems and I will give you advice or if you want I can just be someone to listen. Friends make life easier and harder sometimes, don’t let one bump in the road ruin your friendships.

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


      Okay a while ago I said i would post about youth court and I never did!! Well I have finished training and I had my first trial. I was judge, and I’m not allowed to say anything else about the case!! Lol, okay but I can tell you that I was so nervous and I found out I have a nervous stutter. It was bad, all the judge does is read and I keep stuttering. It’s weird how i can perform in plays in front of 3,600 + people but in a court room in front of 20 people I freaked. I didn’t do too bad, I didn’t mispronounce any words or forget to say any, but I st st st st stuttered 😀 I’m glad that now I can laugh about it now, and being part of youth court is awesome.

         Okay, now I get to the point of this post. Butterflies, sweats, shivers, stutters, shakey knees, tremors, we all get some kind of nervous symptom!! Maybe it doesn’t happen often to you, but when it does just breathe. Like I said everyone gets nervous at some time in their life time so they should understand. And if they don’t, then laugh with them. It’s easier to laugh with than to be laughed at. Plus as a bonus, laughing it off will make it seem like you braved what ever made you nervous with ease. Laughing can also make you less nervous because you get more comfortable with the people around you. Stay strong and continue to be yourself!!

-adviceateleven ❤

By Adviceateleven


This is for my friend Autumn.

This is going to be an advice post, I know ADVICEateleven, giving advice?? Unheard of!! Haha okay, the title is Bloggers so this will be about all of you who want to start a blog. My advice is……(drumrole)………… start a blog.

Yes it’s that easy, you want to be heard?? You want to vent?? Start a blog, like now. Still not sure if you want a blog?? Let me tell you Autumn’s story. She likes my blog, she’s funny, she has good ideas. I told her to start a blog. “No, I can’t, I don’t even know how.” That’s what she said. Give Autumn the courage to start a blog by starting your own!!

Need some tips on how to start a blog?? Here they are.

1.) wordpress.com     It’s the website use, you don’t have to pay anything(it’s free) but if you do you get more stuff for you blog. Exampe, it can be featured on their website. (I don’t pay for my blog thoguh)

2.) It can be about anything. Love to write?? Well your blog can be allyour poems and stories and stuff. Love to draw?? It can be all you pictures. Samee with photography. You can give advice, it can be your diary, the sky’s the limit.

3.) You don’t have to use proper grammer. I don’t all the time.

4.) Don’t swear or diss people, if you do you’ll get rated mature and no one will ever see your blog.

5.) You can be anonymous like me, (and all my friends I give them kool names, they’re all real people, but I use diffrent names to protect their privacy and my identity.) You can also not be anonymous it’s up to you.

6.) Get the word out (if you want) If you want your blog to be super popular tell everyone!! If you just want to vent to random people, don’t tell anyone

7.) Good luck and have fun!! 🙂


By Adviceateleven

Secretly Me

I have this little talent

No one knows about

I have this little talent

I can get out

When free I can fly

I can touch the tops of trees

When free I can soar

Reaching record heights with ease

So many stay trapped

For all their lives

They never come outside

They never leave their hives

But no

Not me

I can’t stay inside

For they musn’t see

Those who are trapped

Do not envy me

For those who are trapped

Will never be

I am secretly


This is just a poem I wroteI thought, I never post any of my creative writting. So, here’s some creativity for you. Let me know what you think.


By Adviceateleven

Serious Stuff

Okay every once in a while I have to write serious stuff because, well my site is called ADVICEateleven lol. So, I know a lot of people out there get depressed, I’m one of them, but you have to understand something. YOU’RE SO AMAZINGLY IMPORTANT!! Someone out there needs you. If you feel that lonely, remember that drugs, self-injury, and suicide aren’t the answer. There are better ways to deal with those feelings eating away at you. It can feel like there’s a hole where your heart should be, but at the least there’s something out there to hold you togather. twloha.com, it stands for To Write Love on Her Arms. It’s a website to help people with their depression. If that isn’t enough, maybe you should hear the story of a survivor.

A little over a year ago I was going through some tough times I just wasn’t happy, I didn’t know where or if I belonged. Now I know what your thinking, oh she was going to hurt herself, wrong. I was having depressing thoughts, but nothing to put me over the edge. Instead of being pushed over the edge; I was yanked backwards. I woke up one morning to my mom talking on the phone, she sounded, not upset but almost numb. The same feeling washed over me when she told me my aunt had tried to kill herself. It was sleeping pills, she over dosed on sleeping pills. After the numbness came the guilt. I was too focused on myself, I didn’t tell her how much she meant to me. If she was succsesful, I would’ve never gotten to see her again. How could I be so selfish?? I thought I was going through tough times, she tried to take her own life for crying out loud!!I couldn’t believe that she could think she didn’t atter, or that no one would care when she was gone. I still wake up scared, hoping that she hasn’t tried to hurt herself again.

I may have started a new paragraph, but my story isn’t over yet. There’s still one factor of my story undelt with, me. Wouldn’t I have gone crazy with guilt by now?? Well that story can be for another time; the important thing here is that I’m recovering from my self blame issues, and my aunt is recovering from her depression.

Thanks for listening to my story, and I hope it at least made you think a little.


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What’s new??

Yes I have neglected my blog for far too long and I need to write something new!! I was thinking of posting a poem I wrote, or doing a thing on quotes, maybe even talk about ninth grade. Well, I don’t know. So even though I know I’m the only one who reads my blog I’m going to ask anyway. What would you guys like to see me post?? Poem, quotes, or advice on the big, bad high school. 🙂 What I want to post is about Youth Court. No I’m not going to be on trial, I’m going to either be part of the jury, a judge, or a lawyer. This is all very real and serious; my town invented a punishment system for our youth. If a teen is arrested for a minor crime (shoplifting for example) and they plead guilty, they can go on trial in front of their peers. This is where I come in. I, doing whatever job I choose to train for, will help decide the punishment.


This program looks amazing on college applications, and is a good overall experience. Or at least that’s what I’m told haha. So tonight is the first meeting and I can’t wait. I’ll post later with what happens and don’t forget to tell me what to write about.


-adviceateleven ❤

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Life is a Race

Did you know that evey second from the moment you were born you’re dieing. So we all know how to die, it’s so easy, life, however isn’t. That’s why, that’s why you have to fight. Humans have been dieing since the beggining, well fight the odds. Life is a race. You’re running and running, but who is your opponet?? Is it that mean girl?? How about the boy who pushes you around?? Maybe it’s that math test?? No, you’re running, but what you’re trying to beat is death. Think about it, if we are already dieing, we should be dead. Still, we’re running, we aren’t 6 feet under yet. Some people decide to run off coarse in this race, some stop before the race is over, some don’t get to decide that they’re done. Very few actually die on the race track. However no one, I mean no one, ever finishes. No one wins. So why do we run?? Simple, some one way back when said “they can’t do that.” That’s why we run. We run just because we were told from the start that we couldn’t do that, and there’s no better revenge then doing something someone say’s you can’t do. So good luck running.


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I have been so busy lately with practice for my play, which has been super crazy. So yes I did make some friends, but I also know some kids that aren’t my favorite to be around. Of course I’m still nicee to them and what not even though I don’t particularly like them. What I’m trying to say is that not matter what be nicee, there’s no reason to be a stupid jerk to people just because they aren’t your kind of friend. And another thing, you don’t have to become their bestie, just some one they can stand to be around.


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First Day

Okay I’m writting this really quick before I  have to leave, so this will be short and may contain many mistakes (more than usual xD) Today is my first day of Park Playhouse rehursuls. I am very nervous, I keep on thinking, I’ll have no friends, I’ll mess up, I’ll wear the wrong clothes. But I have to remember that I need to stay calm. If your nervous about starting a new camp, or even school, then I have some advice for you. Always have a conversation starter, like for me I’m wwearing one earring that says Monday (on the right) and one that say Tuesday (on the left) now don’t do anything too dramatic and weird. When people ask why I have two diffrent earrings I say that I’m a calendar :D. Another thing for those akward lunch or break times, bring a back up. Have no friends yet?? well my backup is my book, someone might also like books and come over to seee what I’m reading, if not at least I have something to do!! Dress nicely, but not stuffy and too formal. I have a light peasant blouse with a tank underneath, and jean shorts, nice but not stuffy. Lastly don’t over or under pack, bring all the stuff you need, but nothing more. I have my dance shoes, water, my script, a pencil, a book, and my lunch. Everything I need nothing I don’t. Also you might want to be on time or just a few minutes early, so you can meet friends ahead of time. Good luck with your first day of whatever (:

-adviceateleven ❤

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More Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I have been looking for more great tunes and I found some so who better to share with other than you guys!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWK6dQOdri0   (my fav)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llDikI2hTtk          (my fav)




Okay if you listened to the links you would know that lately I have been obsessedwith Nero, but they’re awesome so it’s okay xD. Well as fun as this has been I am going swimming now so goodbye.

-adviceateleven ❤



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Okay so I feel the need to explain a little bit about me. I’ve been on this blog for a few years and you guys really don’t know anything about me!! I’m thirteen, like I’m seriously 13 (a lot of your guys comments sound like you think I’m 40!!) I’m pretty short, I have eyes that change color (I know I like to brag a bit about it) mostly my eyes a green though, my hair is really wavy and dirty blonde, and I have really pale skin. Now you know what I look like, a few things about myself I love writting (DUH!!) I’m an amazing at reading (I speed read) I love being on stage it’s like my home. Whether I’m singing, dancing, or acting just being on stage makes me feel great. Some people have stage fright, but deffinetly not me. One thing I don’t really like people to know, but I’ll tell you anyway is I have O.C.D. Yeah I know unbelieveable right?? Now my O.C.D. is all about numbers I like even numbers which explains to you why I always do two !! or two ?? haha so now you know why I do that. Also with my O.C.D. I count pretty much everything, in sets of four though. So like if I’m walking I count four steps, then another, then another. So now you know a lot about me. Well I’m going to go now so bye!!


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Music is really important to me and to a lot of people. Music should make you think and should set a mood. Some songs are happy, some are sad, some can make people feel a multitude of things. I really like finding new music before it becomes popular, that way I can keep it to myself, or share it. I kinda hate it when music that I find goes mainstream (on the radio.) When music becomes mainstream everyone starts singing it, and talking about it which isn’t so bad (unless they’re terrible singers xD) but my bigggest problem with music on the radio is when people say ” I totally love this song, and I’ve been listening to it for soooo long. I deffenetly found it first” It’s like dude I’ve been listening to this song for like a year or sometimes two years. Really you’ve known this song for like a week, no kidding. So this post does have a point (other than people like to steal my songs) the point of this post is that I want to share some stellar music with you peoples. Okay I’m going to post some links of songs yay!!




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGBi6PT1cbA              (my fav!!)

Okay so if you want some great  music hear are the links. These links are all music of the same genre, but I like other types of music. So if this style of music isn’t for you, comment you’re favorite songs and genres and I’ll try to find something you’ll like.


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I have been acting sooooooo lazy lately. I have good reason though, in a little bit I’ll be rehersing a play for a month, everyday, all day. So now is the only time I have to be a lazy teen. Something else I have going on this summer is my dad is getting re-married. Yes I am in fact a product of divorce. I grew up having two christmasses, being with a diffrent parent every weekend, and having two very large families. Although I deffinetly wouldn’t change anything about my family I know there are some kids out there who are going through a divorce. In fact one of my best friends parents are having a divorce and its taken its toll on her and her brother. If you’re going through a divorce, or have gone through one, remember that even though things are going to change its for the better. I’m not going to lie, for a while it’ll be hard. I still think about what would it be like if my parents didn’t split up, but then I remember how happy I am, and that my parents would probably be fighting if they were still togather. That doesn’t sound like fun at all. The parents need to remember that divoces don’t just affect them, the kids go through tough times durring divorces too. Just give everyone time to cool down and it’ll be better soon.

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I’m terrible with computers so every once and a while I repost things on mistake. So I know it’s annoeying, but like I said I’m terrible with computers and I can’t figure out how to delete them sorry peoples. On the topic of computers it’s time for some advice. Although I don’t tell many of my friends about this blog (I’m a little embarressed :] ) one of my friends recently had some cyber bulling going on. Cyber bulling is extremley wrong and I wish it would stop. If one of your friends gets bullied online or offline stick by them let them know that they are much better than those jerk. If your getting bullied surround yourself with good friends and keep your head up high, you can get through this.

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This was “After Graduation” but I re-posted it by mistake, so I had 2 of them. I only need 1 though so I edited it into this<3

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After Graduation

So I offically graduated 8th grade yay!! It was an awesome day, and it couldn’t have gone better. Not only did I look great, I got my writting award. As part of my writting award I got a scholership for $100 that I got to put in my college fund!! I also got the presidents award for having a 95% or better average all year. The president singed the certificate too. I got a few other awards too, but the only other ones I’m really proud of are my polaris award, for science (I’m not the best in science), my 100% proficency in spanish, and my…………………. AVID READER AWARD. Okay it might be a little dorky, but I love to read and only me and my best frined Sarah got avid readerawards. That kind of makes sense though, because we really aare the only two kids in our grade who actually read………….

8th grade is now behind me and I’m moving up to high school. I can’t believe I’m done with middle school. I cannot wait to start a new year at a new school, I hope I keep a lot of my friends, but I hope to make new ones too.

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Today I offcially graduate 8th grade and I cannot wait. I have the perfect dress, (pink with lace!!) I’m leaving my hair down, (I have whats called “mermaid hair” because my hair is soooooo wavy) and two of my friends and I are leading the entire school in the plege of alligence, because us three did the morning anouncements everyday. Also, I’m seeing some of my friends for the last time untill September. My bestie Mary is from China and she’s going back for the summer to see her family. My bestie Macy is from Moracco and she’s going back for a bit too.

My plans for the summer include, sitting in a classroom with a bunch of kids I don’t know. I know how that sounds but I’m not in summerschool I’m in a play. I mean a REALLY big REALLY important play.  Out of a lot of kids the director picked about thirty and I’m one of them. The play is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and I play a brother. That means I play a guy, but also I get my own solo yay!! This play is important, because it’s put on by a really big community theator company and thousands of people in my community come to see it. To me writting and being on stage are the best feelings ever. (other than being with my family of coarse) So although it seems crazy I put up with all the tourture of practices, becausee being on stage in front of so many people doing what I love is like returning home after being gone for a long time.

Another big part of my graduation is I think I’m going to be reciving an award for drum roll please……………………….. WRITTING!!!!!!!!!!! All the hard work pays off to know that I might be getting recognized for being good at my passion. I won’t be able to post if I win or not, because my father will be taking me right after graduation so we can head to our camp early. As soon as I get home I’ll be posting don’t worry.

Before I go (This has to be my longest post ever) while I’m gone you might get bored so I’m going to save youu from boredism. What I do when I’m, bored is well I write on here, but also while I’m writting I listen to the music that inspires me. Check out these bands/singers on youtube. Paramore, Evanescence, Blood on the Dance Floor, (not for little kids to listen to xD) All Time Low, Metro Station, and Sia. I’ll be back soon!!!!

– adviceateleven

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Ok this is in response to A lot of comments made a long time ago. As you all know I started updating my site a very short time ago and it turns out that many more people have seen my blog than I thought YAY!! This is stellar news that really lifts my spirit. Ok many of the comments said that you guys want to start your own blog which is awesome. I’m glad that I’m inspiring many people to write. Ok so wordpress.com is the site I used for this blog and if you want a blog I recomend this site. My blog is a free blog, but you can pay to have a better version of the site. Personaly I think the free version is fine. Ok the next thing is that all the comments were for my post “a sleepover” so I’m guessing you people were just searching sleepover and my blog came up so I hope more people search titles from my blog. Thanks everyone for your nice comments it reminds me why I write, because I love it, and because I love helping others learn to love to write.

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School’s Out

School is over, and I can’t wait for summer to start. Today I took my last final which was my spanish final.Ithadto be one of the easist finals I had. Another easy one was the math final which is very ironic, because math is my least favorite subject. Believe it or not I’m pretty smart, and I got into a lot of advanced classes for highschool. Only I decided not to do any of them (except for spanish, because I get WAY to bored in spanish class.) I decided not to go into advanced, because I’m getting really good grades in my regular classes, and I want to keep getting good grades. I’d rather get good grades and be bored in class than be swamped with homework and start failing. Maybe advanced is right for you, but maybe you should pass on advanced. Whatever works for you, works for you.

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Formal was so much fun. I danced and sang with my friends. I got pictures and my dress looked stellar. Okay so that’s all I have to say about formal. XD

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(Semi) FORMAL!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is my formal and I can not wait to hang out with my friends and dance the night away. I don’t have a date but honestly I’m going to have fun anyways. I went solo last year and I’m doing it again this year. So some advice if you don’t have a date go anyways you’ll regret it if you never go. Maybe if you go alone someone will ask you to dance or maybe you can have fun with your besties. Another thing is girls and guys don’t be afraid to go as friends!! My best friend got aked by her guy friend to formaland they just wanted to go as friends witch is perfectly fine. Bottom line go no matter what and have fun!! (:

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Tomarrow my Niece turns 1!!!!!!!!!!! My nephew Dean is turning 3!!!!!!!!!! in august. It has been so long, but I couldn’t imagine my life without my beautiful and amazing niece and nephew. ❤

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Advice at Thirteen!!

It’s been two years since I updatd this blog. OMG. You proably want to know why (or maybe you don’t I couldn’t care less :D) So I’ll admit I got dicouraged because no one really saw my blog. BUT, I am back now, and I’m thirteen so life’s a whole new ball game XD, and I can’t wait for you to read all about my life. Plus I can’t wait to help you with yours!!

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love at first sight

i know what your thinking im eleven, but in love with well many things writting, singing, dancing, acting, but one thing i fell in love with at first sight is my nefew he just turned 1 and is the cutest thing you will ever see. his name is dean and i love him with all my heart and 50- 50 ive known him scince he was born and i love him.

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writters block?

is writters block a myth or the horible truth. well as you know this week i took a short story class and i found out that writters block is when you cant think of a thing. so it is the horible truth if you are dead, because you can always think of something not always what you want to think, but what can you do about that? so i will hopefull post my short story if i can figure out how, but the title is the catseye moon

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heyy its me again im still in asian classes, but i got a hena. well i think its kool, but the only way i can show you is if i can upload a picture to my computer, but i cant because im not home so oh well.

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its summer and im taking classes? i no what you think not kool, but these are kool classes well i think they are. today ill be taking an asian fashon class witch ill take all week (i had to take atleast 2 classes for a disscount.) then ill be taking ……. SHORT STORIES ok ok i admit it i love to write i find it fun so im going to learn how to write short stories yay! (-:

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a sleepover

so i was invited to a late birthday party and we were up till 1:00 in the morning doing hair, makeup, and, nails it was so much fun!!!!!!! well one thing i noticed is (well i knew this but ya) every girl there had a main trait that always showed there personality, like one girl always had something to say and she always had a random fact at hand (by the way if that girl reads this dont be offended.) so every girl is diffrent and annoeying, but awesome in their own way.

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hi there listen i really hate using capitals and commas and stuff so most of the time i wont. now im going to take you down to the eyelevel of an eleven year old girl in modern times. you may wonder about what id write about and stuff , but ill give advice, sorta answer questions (if you leave them in comments) and give reviews not to mention you will learn about the trobles an eleven year old faces, such as friend trobles and school trobles. so now that ive said that i would like to say HELLO WEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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